I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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It must have been some sort of reaction to what that B on Yelp said yesterday because I really felt the urge to wear this vintage dress that I haven’t worn since early in the summer. It was a lot longer and uglier and then I made it too short but that didn’t stop me from wearing it around the city (with tights) anyway. I think it will look a lot better with leggings in the future though. Today I wore it with a vintage bolero that I scored in Florida, Urban Outfitters leggings that I am pretty obsessed with (and that some young kid who came in the store today called “funky”), and Topshop boots. These Topshop boots are amazing. I’ve had them for something like three years and never wore them until this winter and they’re actually perfect for all the horrible weather here. The spike heel is perfect for anchoring me in the snow and because over the past year I’ve been wearing such insane platforms, these measly little four inchers are nothing. It’s like wearing flats, except sexier.

Besides the leggings, the rest of the outfit as thrifted. The bolero is from a Salvation Army and the dress and shoes are from Beacon’s. While Beacon’s is not necessarily a “thrift” store, it’s clearly a thousand times cheaper than anywhere else in terms of what you can get there. I think a lot of people in Boston are obsessed with “thrifting” but by this they only mean shopping at Salvation Armies. Of course there are good finds to be had at places like that, but you can’t rule out the awesomeness of going to a store like Beacon’s, Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, or even Rescue and finding things which are not vintage, but still super cheap because they’re second-hand. Hell, I even consider going to Marshalls or Century 21 to be a form of thrifting. I think that even if I had the money to spare, I would probably only pay full price for shoes. Everything else, I think there’s always a way (especially in New York) to score it for less.

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New Yelp review referencing hipsters!!

This place is like a hipster starter kit on how to resemble one of the kids in a Cobrasnake party photo. Experienced hipster thrifters and ebayers could do better on their own. (I could totally take the the owner were it put to a hipster-girl-with-black-hair-and-long-bangs thrift-off.)

In response to the parenthetical sentence . . . yeah fucking right. This isn’t the whole review, but apparently this is why we only got 2 stars. The rest of the review is actually pretty good. I kind of want to message the girl, but I guess that would be unprofessional? Not that I want to say anything fucked up — I just want to know why everyone on Yelp writes, “Oh I liked everything about this place but it’s just for hipsters and I am not a hipster, so two stars.”

This reminds me, I need to scan this shitty article from Radar (worst magazine ever) so I can defend the word hipster AGAIN. In Radar, they’re basically using hipster when they should be using yuppie. I’m not sure why any reg thinks they can turn the tables like that? The Radar article is about a typical hipster apartment and how the hipster doesn’t realize that everything they like (such as cell phones and computers) is made in third world countries under really horrible conditions, thus proving how horrible hipsters are. But the best part is when they talk about the hipster’s $400 jeans and then talk about them being made in China. UMMMM anyone who is interested in fashion knows that if your jeans are made in China, there’s no way in hell they cost $400 . . .

PS – Paul just alerted me to the fact that our total reg brother used the word “hipster” recently. Maybe it’s time to stop reclaiming it and come up with a new word that means cool hipsters, i.e. not what regs think a hipster is (I’m assuming they think it’s something like “Aaron,” Serena’s “artist” boyfriend on Gossip Girl). Anyone have suggestions for the new word? Amy? Grungybash?*

*Grungybash is a term Amy came up with during the electroclash days. She said it was just a matter of time until people gave up on wearing perfect outfits, tons of make-up and stylized haircuts. She said that eventually they’d just want to be scummy scumbags and wear flannels all the time. How fucking true was her prediction? (She said this in 2003.)

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Can someone in NYC let me know if the weather there has been as horrible as it’s been in Boston this winter? I can’t recall ever suffering through more than a few snowstorms there in the past seven years, and usually all traces of snow have dissipated by the next day. Not so, here. Today I woke up to something like six inches of snow on the ground (on top of all the other snow that just won’t melt), closely followed by a hail storm which later took the form of (and is still raging as) a rainstorm. I spent all night trying to pick out a cute outfit because I felt too frumpy yesterday (those pants with the exaggerated hips seem to work best in the warmer climes where not much else is needed to complete the outfit) and of course, when I saw the hell happening outside my window, I completely ditched that in favor of this giant H&M sweater-tunic thing. If I wear this as a sweater, it’s pleasantly puffy and sort of warm (though the cowl-neck drapes down in the back so much that it’s not really that warm), good for a day like today. However, if I trade my jeans for tights and heels, this thing is a perfectly somewhat sexy winter dress. There was only one day that I actually wore it as both — I don’t know why I remember it so vividly, but it was when The Devastations were in town and I was going straight from work to see them at that place that used to be The Cooler and I can’t remember it’s new name. I wore this sweater with grey Cheap Mondays tucked into black vintage boots, then ditched the pants for tights before heading out for the night. Other memorable moments from that evening:

– Some guy weirdly hitting on me on the L train, saying that we used to walk the same route to work together (like I have ever walked to work . . . I am always running way too late for that), though I wasn’t interested I had to admire his balls for actually talking to me on the train — I think we’ve all seen someone hot on the subway and just hoped that some miracle would force us together (the rest of the train empties? they see what you’re listening to on your ipod and it’s their favorite song? you’re reading a book they just finished?), most people never make the move.

– And, of course, the hilarious exchange when I asked Peter where Daniel was and he said that he and Anthony forgot to tell Daniel they weren’t going to The Horrors show, so he was there by himself. I don’t know why, but I still get such a kick out of that.

Other times I remember wearing this thing:

– The night we went to Studio B where Cara and TM first began their whatever. With grey tights and grey vintage ankle boots.

– The birthday party I went to with my at the time boyfriend where I didn’t know anyone so I drank myself into oblivion, later throwing up on our bed (we lived together at the time) and then wearing it to work the next day because I didn’t have time to change (not my coolest girlfriend moment). Worn with jeans both times.

PS – I have this in black too, but I seem to wear this brownish one a lot more often. Both were acquired at Beacon’s.

PPS – How people are finding my blog:
ill wear any color as long as its black
wear any color as long as it black
wear any color as long as it is black
i’ll wear anything as long as it’s black

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They’re finally here! Bittersweets Baby Vamp rings! Definitely the best Xmas pressie ever. Not sure if they’re the best all around pressie ever — I might still give that award to the original pressing of No New York I received for my 21st.

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Best thing about being back at (one of my) home(s).

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Check it out, I’m totally wearing white! This dress was procured at the Salvation Army yesterday and I am wearing it with a vintage belt, Givenchy tights and Modern Vintage platform sandals — all of which you can’t really see. I’m completely bored with the Photo Booth pictures but my camera sucks and I don’t have a tripod or anywhere to put it so that I can take normal pictures. I also don’t trust anyone I know to take pictures of me because I’d feel silly and they probably wouldn’t do a good job anyway. So we’ll see what happens in the future. Wearing white isn’t as rare of an occurrence as it may seem — though I have eradicated almost all color from my wardrobe (minus some navies and greens), I do tend to wear a lot of grey and white as long as there’s an even or greater amount of black involved in the outfit.

I have completely od’ed on family time and am quite happy to be getting out of here. Luckily my dear, dear friend Michael* has been in touch on this trip, otherwise I might have truly lost it. Thank god for BlackBerry Messenger. Even though I’ve been stuck around the fam, I’ve still managed to get a lot of work done on the Rescue website. I didn’t design it originally, but it’s set up in a way that I can easily make changes and of course, there’s the blog. I decided to change it from a randomly updated thing to a more zine-like setup, though of course all of the potential writers haven’t gotten back in touch with me, thus proving that it is inherently foolish to ever depend on anyone for anything. I’m completely sick of looking at the internet at this point and tomorrow is my last non-work day before six days in a row at Rescue so I’m sure my brain will be exploding shortly . . .

*Michael is Australian and hilarious. Here are some of my favorite quotes from our almost year-long friendship:

Me: Blah blah omg wtf frmf blah blahrhg!
Michael: “Jeralyn, when you speak to me, you will not speak to me in poofter-talk.”

(via text message)
Me: It’s okay, I did something bad last night too.
Michael: Who?

(at any given moment)
Michael: Ginga, klonnie, brekkie, vegemite, cold-as-a-cunt.

And basically the entire BBM we’re having right now but as he just said, “These stories only get told to the very close or the very drunk!” so I’ll have to keep the hilarity to myself. Also, I think he may have invented “being goth in the park.”

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Smiths tee (printed on vintage Rogues Gallery shirt, courtesy of Justin) worn with pleather Zara pencil skirt, Givenchy tights. I went to a huge but mostly worthless Salvation Army in Pembroke Pines, FL tonight though I did manage to score a couple of random things — black fringe top/vest thing that will be good to layer, sheer white dress/cape that would have been perfect for my “cool ghost” costume two Halloweens ago, gold lamé skirt. My mother wanted to know why I was “all dressed up” for the Salvo — she just doesn’t understand that this is how I dress all the time, no matter where I am going. I probably should have taken her skepticism into consideration though, seeing as how this pleather skirt + the leather seats of her car didn’t really work together. Getting in and out was not a graceful affair. Tomorrow is my last day/night here and we’re supposed to go out on my dad’s boat. It will be the only thing I’ve done outside since I got here and hopefully I can get some good pictures from it, though of course I didn’t really bring any boat-appropriate clothing. Then I go back to Allston and the NYC countdown begins (12 days!). I can’t wait. I miss my friends so much.

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Of course I love my actual family. But the bonds between me and my chosen family are just as permanent.

1. Justin Matthew Briand. Justin is my oldest friend. We met when I first moved to Salem, NH in 1991 (5th grade) and though we didn’t start to achieve bff status until 1995 (Earth Science), once we got there we knew it would never end. We grew up down the street from each other but we haven’t lived in the same state in almost ten years. Still, whatever turns life takes, I know that we’ll always be connected. There’s simply no other possibility. This tattoo is a stick-and-poke done by my roommate Sara in her studio last summer.

2. Massimo Damiano Scoditti. I met Massimo at Odessa in 2002, when I had first moved to New York. He immediately asserted himself as the voice of reason in my (at the time) tumultuous life and there’s no one better to turn to in times of crisis, happiness, drunkenness, etc. We got these on Valentine’s Day 2005 in San Francisco (best time ever).

3. Amy Marie Koteles. Amy and I have a mythical friendship. We started out as complete enemies because I was dating her ex-boyfriend (who she sometimes still dated). Too many insane things to list happened to the three of us and it ended up with Amy and I being basically soulmates. These matching seagull tattoos were a drunken Mars Bar idea (based on a series of events that I won’t go into here) and surprisingly, we actually followed through and got them the next day. This is the tattoo I get the most compliments on.

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Remember how I said there wasn’t anything cool at that flea market? I sort of lied. I thought these glasses (top) were all right so my brother, Garrett, bought them for me. (They were only $5, but since he recently won $25,000 gambling, he’s the big spender of the family.) Here they are vs. my vintage Missoni sunglasses that I bought at Fabulous Fanny’s last summer to replace the pair I lost when I was mugged. I kind of wish someone would steal these from me, even though I still like them, I’m just so sick of them and I spent too much money to rationalize another big sunglasses purchase.

These are what I really covet, but they’re $235 — way outta my league right now.

Grey Ant Status Sunglasses

I would kill for the clear charcoal frames, but that doesn’t mean I’d say no to them in black . . .

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