I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 7, 2009


As I get better at this style-blogging concept, I’ll try to find a better way to take pictures than just in the mirror, Myspace-2003-style. But for now, that’s all I got. Top picture, from left: vintage leather jacket, vintage plaid button-down, Richard Chai for Target tee, Topshop high-waisted jeans, Topshop platform boots . . . D&G short-sleeved sweater, Urban Outfitters skirt, tights, Nine West shoes. The bathroom at Enid’s (I spent more time at Enid’s in the past week than any normal person should ever allow themselves) – below, from left: Chaiken blazer, Marc Jacobs dress, black tights . . . Vintage leather jacket, grey tunic from no-name label, American Apparel disco pants.

I realize that a lot of these outfits include non-black elements and there’s a reason for it. The majority of clothing I took with me to Allston was black. So when I go back to Brooklyn, I get excited about things I haven’t even thought about in at least a month and I throw them all in at once. I didn’t manage to get a good enough picture of my New Year’s Eve outfit, but it was a black and grey Mary Meyer dress and Jeffrey Campbell fake YSL tribute heels–both of which I scored on major sale at Oak the day before. I also scored the Gareth Pugh perfume from the Six Scents collection for almost half off (been getting a lot of compliments on it). I wore it all with the same Chaiken blazer I paired with the MJ dress. You can’t see it, but the blazer has this weird back piece that can either hang like a ruffle or be buttoned up for a kind of drapey-effect. That blazer was one of many sweet Beacon’s finds on this trip.

Here are two other Beacon’s finds: White Comme des Garcons dress . . . this dress is amazing. It looks like a giant tube of white linen when it is on the hanger, but when you put it on, it’s cut almost as a mini on one side with a giant puff-drape that goes down the other side. The sleeves are short and there’s a long scarf-cape piece that attaches to the neck . . . This was probably the best thing I found, even though I’m not really sure when I can wear it (too puffy/white to wear out at night . . . too exciting for Allston in the day). The blazer is Karl Lagerfeld and no, I can never have enough black jackets. This one is cool because the pockets are almost on the back and it has a tail-like effect without being as dramatic as a tuxedo jacket.

I used to work at Beacon’s and I tend to have a love-hate relationship with the place. On the one hand, I scored some major stuff there when I was an employee and now, after, I still manage to find amazing things on the racks. However, it’s not really organized and there’s tons and tons and tons of crap mixed in with all of these good things. Sometimes the pricing is completely random too. For instance, that Comme des Garcons dress was only $29.95, which was less than a pair of kind of busted up vintage shoes I bought my brother ($34.95). I also saw a fake Missoni (“Miss Sonnii”) dress and a Go International (Target) dress for the same price as the CDG dress!

And lastly, here I am wearing the leather jacket (top) I wore way too much in NYC, even though it was fucking freezing most of the time. My other, better, leather jacket got insanely ripped a few months ago (one sleeve is now dangling off) so this is my replacement. It’s okay, but it’s not very warm and it’s too cropped. Worn with an H&M lace blouse. The bottom is my favorite way to wear the American Apparel disco pants–with these awesome Topshop shoes my mom got me for my birthday. Unfortunately, I did that pairing too many times and now the heels need new taps.

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