I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 7, 2009


Nick Cave could possibly be the only Australian I love more than Michael. This past October, some friends opened for Nick at Madison Square Garden and Amy and I crashed the afterparty. I’m kind of bummed that Nick wasn’t wearing black that night, however I will completely overlook it since he gave the best performance I’ve seen him give (it was my 6th time seeing him). I’m wearing a Nicole Miller Collection sample dress . . . normally I wouldn’t be into Nicole Miller, but this dress is pretty cool, it has a semi-turtleneck and a weird high-waist with a puffed out chest. And it’s quite short. Found it at Beacon’s. Worn with black tights and oxfords that you can’t see and, of course, an elated smile (which you clearly can see)…

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  1. […] Grinderman! Amy and I have a tradition of getting wasted and going nuts whenever Nick Cave is town (click here to see me with Nick last time the Bad Seeds played). The show was amazing, of course. There are a lot of aging musicians who I can’t be bothered […]

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