I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 7, 2009


I’ve had almost ten apartments in the seven years I’ve lived in New York. Most of them I only decorated in a half-assed way, always saying that I’d paint or do more if I had the time/money/space/etc. I attempted to go all out a few years ago but I ended up not liking the color I painted my room and I lived with a roommate who wouldn’t really help me do anything. After that I moved in with my ex-boyfriend and he never wanted to commit to doing anything, but even so, the mix of all our stuff together provided an interesting element. After we broke up and I finally left that apartment, I was determined to go all out. I moved in with Sara and completely renovated my room. Painted, cleaned, put up blinds and shelves, built my own closet and created a really specific color scheme. The walls are green and everything else is either brown or black. I really love that room, but unfortunately I don’t get to spend enough time in it these days. Currently, I spend most of my time in Allston (because my brother and I run a store here). For the first month that I was up here, I slept on the couch in my brother’s tiny studio. It was horrible. Then we got a two bedroom apartment down the street and I decided to try to make my room an accurate reflection of me, but without copying anything about my Brooklyn room. So the walls are red, though there’s still a lot of black, the decorations are very different. My closet in Brooklyn can’t be beat (even though it’s a little crooked, since I made it myself). It’s as long as an entire wall of my room (eight feet) and has plenty of shelving. Though I think that in my next apartment, I will want something that keeps it all more hidden, I love it for now.

The older I get, the more concerned I become with how I present myself–though I don’t think of it as superficial. I want my surroundings and my appearance to be an accurate reflection of who I am. When I was younger, I barely cared about keeping anything organized, but when I moved to New York and had to figure out how to live in some of the smallest rooms imaginable, it started to interest me a lot more. Now I am always coming up with new ways to keep track of everything. For instance, I have to have the space to hang my clothing–which is pretty hard in Allston. I’ve completely run out of room in the tiny closet I have and I’ve had to get a janky clothing rack for all my coats. It’s not the style or look I would prefer, but I know that if I can’t see everything and have constant access to it, I will completely forget about it. And if I do remember that something is hidden in a drawer somewhere, I’ll make a huge mess taking it out and not wanting to deal with putting it back in. It’s sort of like how I’ve given up flat sheets so that I can keep my bed made all the time. Flat sheets are annoying and get in the way of me keeping things look neat (because I am pretty lazy and don’t feel like tucking them in all the time), so I have removed them from my life. I find myself reading Dwell magazine a LOT and wishing that I had the ability to create some incredibly streamlined modern home where everything has its own place. Despite my love of modern design, I can’t tear myself away from my antiquey-gothic sensibilities, so hopefully my next apartment (when I have more time to spend in one specific place) will accurately mesh these two interests. PS – I obviously hate that blue linoleum floor in my Brooklyn room, but it seemed stupid to put so much money into getting a new floor for an apartment that I don’t own. I covered most of it with a brown shag rug.

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