I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 9, 2009


Wearing Vanessa Bruno sweatshirt, AA disco pants, Nine West grey suede boots that got ruined in the rain/snow/wintry mix that I didn’t realize was happening. Today was no better. Won’t even bother posting a picture of the outfit I wore since I was forced into something I didn’t really like, due to the shit weather. Everyone says winters in New York are rough, but we’ve had more snow up here than I normally see all winter in NYC . . .

The store has been dead, so dead that I was able to actually watch some Gossip Girl while “working” (whatevs, it’s my store). I think I’m almost done with Season 1. Watching tv shows in their entirety is so much better than waiting for weekly episodes.

Unfortunately, I find myself hating pretty much every character except Chuck (is he hot–I still can’t tell), even though he’s probably the most fucked up. Another thing I do all day at work is read blogs like The Cut, which is pretty much the best thing ever. Their Gossip Girl episode recaps are hilarious, though actually their recaps of The City
are even better, despite the fact that I’ve never even seen that show . . .

PS – Is Gossip Girl based on Socialite Rank?

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