I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 9, 2009


Today in pictures, clockwise from top left . . . Me, in the security mirror at Tedeschi’s–a necessary evil; “Boston Residents Leaf Collection”–this sign has been up since Cara visited and she thought it was an announcement for leaf collectors to get together and show their stuff (it’s actually for raked up leaves, i.e. trash); me, in the dressing room mirror wearing Chaiken blazer, Thakoon for Target tee, Topshop jeans and Sam Edelman boots; the store window featuring my newest mannequins.

I tried to use the self-timer on my camera, but since I’m in the store all the pictures were just pictures of the store with an ugly me squished in the middle. I’ll eventually figure something out . . .

Today has been great so far, first I got to work and the B who owns the Mexican restaurant next to us had parked so close to our back door that I had to jump half onto her truck and unlock the door from there, then jump into the store. Hilarious. Then the B came over and said I had to move my car (my brother’s really) so she could get out of the alleyway . . . and when I went outside, I accidentally shut the door behind me, thus locking myself out of the store. So THEN I had to go to the landlord’s office, borrow a key to the apartment, find a the spare key to the store and come back. Whatever, at least I haven’t spent the whole day watching Gossip Girl like I planned.

In Things I Shouldn’t Have Bought Because They’re Not Black News, I ordered these Kill City jeans online the other day . . . seriously, what was I thinking? I actually really like the fact that they’re tie dye; I thought it would be a nice way to spice up my mostly black wardrobe, but unfortunately the cut is all wrong for me. After everything I sad yesterday about high waisties, why did I go and order a pair of low-cut jeans? They fit all wonky on me. The waist is SO LOW and the ankles are not nearly tapered enough. I hope they take returns.

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