I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 13, 2009


Today (Monday) was my first day off since I got back from NYC (store is closed on Mondays). I had only worked five days in a row, which I realize is a normal person’s work-week; but it’s been ages since I’ve come anything close to working like a normal person. I spent four years at Beacon’s and in that time, I usually arranged my schedule so that I would work MAXIMUM three days in a row. Life was sweet back then. Anyway, besides the obvious plan of sleeping as much as possible, I also decided to go to H&M to spend this gift card I got for Xmas. Lucky for me, there was a big sale so I managed to score a bunch of new black items. I also went by American Apparel because I had a craving . . .

First things first. At H&M, I found a pair of black harem pants — sort of similar to this picture but less dumpy. Besides the obvious fact that they’re high-waisted harem pants, they are somewhat subtle. This is not a trend I thought I would EVER get on board with and while I was checking myself out in the mirror I could only imagine many of my friends (boys especially — looking at you, Andrew Porter) thinking that these were incredibly unflattering. Then I thought about this article by Glen O’Brien (a – he’s one of my heroes and b – it was in GQ) where he stated something along the lines of looking to Japanese school girls to find out what the new trends are . . . but these days, I look more to Scandinavian street style kids for inspiration. And while harem pants are not necessarily huge there, a sort of high-waisted pleated-front but super short and tapered trouser IS. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps . . . I have a feeling that these will be really good for when I jet down to Miami to visit my mom in a few weeks. And I will definitely document my time being goth on the beach.

And on to another trend that I have staunchly opposed for a long time . . . leggings. Generally, I do hate these, especially when they are just stretch pants worn as pants or stretch pants (talking cotton here) under a dress or stupid bright colors or non-opaque footless tights in any color (except I think lace is okay), etc etc etc . . . Lazy bitches all over the world have turned these things into the pajamas/sweatpants of the ’00s. BUT. I really love my disco pants. Sure, the zipper sucks and is always falling down and if I sit down to fast I’ll just slide right off the chair and it’s thick shiny polyester . . . still, I love the way they look. But because of the zipper, pockets and belt loops, they’re not really appropriate for standing in as actual leggings. So I decided to experiment. And I got a pair of high-waisted shiny leggings. Pretty much the exact same thing, but with no zipper or pockets. I’m excited to give both of these new bottom options a whirl . . . if only the weather wasn’t so icy cold and there wasn’t snow all over the ground still (thus limiting my footwear options) . . . Here I am, diving headfirst into something I thought I’d forever stay away from. I did have to draw the line at those tribal leggings though. Even though they’re sick, I know my own limitations.

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