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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 14, 2009


I have been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately. I just decided that I would catch up since I started watching mid-season last season and then never followed up this fall. I just finished the episode in Season 2 where Little J stages her “guerrilla fashion show.” And besides some of the TOTALLY OBVIOUSLY annoying and retarded things about this show (which I can’t stop watching anyway), here are my issues:

1. WHY does Serena talk like her jaw is wired shut? I don’t understand it. But she’s hot as hell.

2. I can’t stand Vanessa. A) She’s ugly and uninteresting. B) How many times can she be “proven wrong” by realizing that rich kids are people too? And how many of them can she attempt to date? It’s practically reaching Friends territory already.

3. LOVE the fact that Kaitlin from The OC is on the show (too lazy to look up her real name). Not only is she super hot, but I love the way she weirdly talks through her teeth, very James Spader in Pretty In Pink.

4. How perfect is that creepy old photo dude? Could it be any more obvious that he and “Agnes” are based on Cobrasnake + Cory Kennedy?

5. Also, how perfect is it that the pasty, awkward artist guy has a million girlfriends? Especially since he wears that stupid scarf and has a show at the “Bedford Avenue Gallery.”

Basically . . . the show is addictive even though it’s totally stupid. I know I’m part of the problem. But its main issue can be summed up in this quote from my brother, “This show would be completely believable if they were only a few years older.”

Another thing. In Ian Svenonius’ amazing book The Psychic Soviet, there is an essay called Seinfeld Syndrome which I won’t be able to quote directly since the book is in NYC and I’m not, but it basically talks about how shows like Seinfeld and Sex and the City have created a rich white people friendly version of the city (which rich white people originally left for the safe suburbs) where relationships are meaningless, money is free-flowing and the way we treat others has no real effect on our lives. Gossip Girl takes this to an entirely new level and it’s bringing it to much, much younger people. I can only imagine what the city will be like when all the tweens watching GG are old enough to move there and live out their fantasies.

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  1. Massimo said, on January 14, 2009 at 6:44 PM

    I think that the last thing you said was true, and that it sugar coats city life, and life in general in a way that kids can really never understand anything about real life. I find it odd that television has now devolved completely to the point that nothing on it discusses or entails anything about real life. Big houses, nice cars, maids named Dorata, I think it is funny that it does nothing more than stir envy in those who don’t have what they see and never ask whether or not class war is just. Just a thought. You might agree.

  2. Jeralyn said, on January 14, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    I do agree. That’s the whole reason behind shows like My Super Sweet 16, Fabulous Life of… etc. The thing with MSS16 is that someone slightly older like us can watch it (though personally I’d rather kill myself) and see how fucked up it is, but it can really screw you up during those developmental stages when you’re trying to figure out the way the world really works. Seriously….we live in a post-SATC NYC and I wonder what a post-Gossip Girl, post-The City NYC will be like. I know that I’m not an underprivileged person but my reasons for moving to NYC had nothing to do with trying to emulate these materialistic, self-obsessed fake lives….

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