I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 18, 2009


I can’t believe it took me so long to get on board with leggings and now that I have, I realize they’re the one thing that was truly missing from my wardrobe. I will be acquiring these AA high-waisties in every shade of black they have (don’t worry, there’s a lot). Last night I wore them with a vintage skirt from Savers, Topshop studded boots, Zara shirt and Urban Outfitters pleather blazer. We went to another bad electro party last night. My problems with electro are as follows: A) I don’t like raves, B) I don’t do ecstasy anymore, C) I already lived through something similar aka electroclash . . . speaking of, Larry T DJed last night! I obviously left before that happened. I didn’t really like electroclash either, but I was young and I wasn’t completely opposed to other people wearing neon (I might have had a pair of pink tights) and I was pretty into asymmetrical hair. The thing that made electroclash somewhat acceptable to me was its obvious connection to punk. Even if the bands weren’t using instruments, they still had a punk attitude/element and usually had vocals. Whereas actual electro is just the same shit they play at clubs for regs. I cannot get into it.

After the electro, we went to The Model, which is where I’m supposed to DJ tonight. I’m sure that it will completely suck since it’s been snowing since around 1am and there’s no word of it letting up. The Model is probably my favorite place around here, even though I actually think that it sucks. I think all of the bars around here suck. To be fair, I hardly ever venture off of Brighton Ave and if I do, it’s probably not further than Comm Ave, unless I’m going shopping. But I don’t understand why there aren’t any cool bars WITHOUT giant flat screen tvs playing sports all the time. I also don’t understand why all the bars have ugly, surly bartenders and keep the lights on way too bright all the time. It’s just no wonder why everyone moves out of Boston as soon as they finish college or why I left or why everyone I used to be friends with left or why, even though we opened this store here because my brother lives here, he now wants to leave.

Unrelated — Please note the exceedingly gothiness of my room up here. My room in Brooklyn is supposed to have a 70s New England professor’s study vibe and I didn’t want to copy that, so since we live in a basement apartment and my room gets basically no light (which is a bummer because I’m trying to have some plants in there to cheer me up and I don’t think they’re going to make it), I decided to go for “gothic cave.” The Bauhaus poster is pretty much the only decoration in there. The branch was given to me by Kate, who designed the store’s website, the Obesity and Speed skull tote was given to me by Sara and the sick Rogues Gallery scarf hanging on my closet door was one of my xmas prezzies from Justin.

Even more unrelated — I’m a big fan of bad bathroom/anywhere graffiti and on the wall outside the store someone wrote this:


Don’t worry, I got a picture.

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