I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 22, 2009


Well. I totally caved and cut the shit out of my bangs. I cut them as far back as they were in August or whenever I last had a real haircut. Months of growing down the drain. But since I am currently too far away from Anessa and when I do go back to NYC probably won’t have any money to spare, I figured that the rest of my hair will have to suffer but at least I can have nicely trimmed bangs if I just take care of it myself. Usually I try to follow through with things just because I’ve said I will. But this is one thing I have NEVER been able to go through with.

I went to Bloomingdale’s with my mother yesterday to buy the outfit for her makeover. I bought a bunch of makeup for her too and I dressed her up last night and she looked great (got a picture, will post it later), but she won’t let me do her makeup tonight when we are actually going out. I am being ganged up on by the rest of the family and without Paul for a modicum of support, I really can’t fight back. While we were at the Aventura Mall, we stopped by Zara and saw that they were having an insane sale. I managed to score a few nice things, including these pants which are WAY better than the harem pants. They’re jodhpur-esque with a pleated front and puffy pockets and short but still pretty tight in the leg. $9.99, major score in my book. I wore them earlier with a Dries Van Noten tee that I love and acquired in Sydney (at Belinda) when I was there a couple of years ago. I’ve worn it to death but I think it just gets better with time. The fam took me to this flea market that they said I would love, but obviously they don’t know my distaste for Canal Street or they never would have assumed that. It was just booth after booth of crappy knock off sunglasses, wallets, purses, shoes, etc. And not even anything good! The “flea market” itself was completely nuts though. It’s inside this huge lot where they have a FOURTEEN SCREEN drive-in theater, a sports car museum and a mini amusement park. Pretty nuts.

Later I changed into a Vince top and different shoes + socks. Tonight we’re going to family dinner and then to see Slumdog Millionaire. I don’t usually go see movies in the theater unless it’s something extremely nerdy like Harry Potter or Underworld (tomorrow!–totally psyched), so this is a little whatevs to me. I originally wanted to come visit just my mother because I was under the impression that my father and my brother Garrett would be back in New Hampshire, however, they decided to stay so my time of mom-daughter hangout has been turned into family-gang-up-on-Jeralyn-and-make-her-do-things-she-hates hangout time. At least it’s sunny.

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