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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 23, 2009



This is my first attempt at making a real dj “mix.” By mix, I mean that I mixed the songs together on the computer, but I’m pretty inexperienced at this so it really doesn’t sound much better than if I listened to this playlist on iTunes with the crossfader on. BUT, it’s a start. This mix is also not an accurate representation of my typical DJing because I made it specifically for Cara and I wanted to make it music that I thought she would enjoy — so it’s just a bunch of old italo mixed with new stuff mostly from Italians Do It Better. I’m not super into italo, though I am getting there slowly. I just hate the stuff that sounds too disco — being a punk, there’s no way I can get down with actual disco. Same way I can’t get down with 70s rock. All the music I love and care about was a reaction against disco and 70s rock and I simply can’t break away from that mentality (nor have I ever found a real reason to). I do think that some of the darker, synthier italo is pretty sick though and it’s a natural progression from minimal synth to that.

When I go back to NYC, I will be getting my mixer and attempting a live vinyl-only mix of the kind of stuff I actually play. And I’ll post more of these computer mixes too, because they’re pretty fun to put together.

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