I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 24, 2009


Smiths tee (printed on vintage Rogues Gallery shirt, courtesy of Justin) worn with pleather Zara pencil skirt, Givenchy tights. I went to a huge but mostly worthless Salvation Army in Pembroke Pines, FL tonight though I did manage to score a couple of random things — black fringe top/vest thing that will be good to layer, sheer white dress/cape that would have been perfect for my “cool ghost” costume two Halloweens ago, gold lamé skirt. My mother wanted to know why I was “all dressed up” for the Salvo — she just doesn’t understand that this is how I dress all the time, no matter where I am going. I probably should have taken her skepticism into consideration though, seeing as how this pleather skirt + the leather seats of her car didn’t really work together. Getting in and out was not a graceful affair. Tomorrow is my last day/night here and we’re supposed to go out on my dad’s boat. It will be the only thing I’ve done outside since I got here and hopefully I can get some good pictures from it, though of course I didn’t really bring any boat-appropriate clothing. Then I go back to Allston and the NYC countdown begins (12 days!). I can’t wait. I miss my friends so much.

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