I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 29, 2009


It must have been some sort of reaction to what that B on Yelp said yesterday because I really felt the urge to wear this vintage dress that I haven’t worn since early in the summer. It was a lot longer and uglier and then I made it too short but that didn’t stop me from wearing it around the city (with tights) anyway. I think it will look a lot better with leggings in the future though. Today I wore it with a vintage bolero that I scored in Florida, Urban Outfitters leggings that I am pretty obsessed with (and that some young kid who came in the store today called “funky”), and Topshop boots. These Topshop boots are amazing. I’ve had them for something like three years and never wore them until this winter and they’re actually perfect for all the horrible weather here. The spike heel is perfect for anchoring me in the snow and because over the past year I’ve been wearing such insane platforms, these measly little four inchers are nothing. It’s like wearing flats, except sexier.

Besides the leggings, the rest of the outfit as thrifted. The bolero is from a Salvation Army and the dress and shoes are from Beacon’s. While Beacon’s is not necessarily a “thrift” store, it’s clearly a thousand times cheaper than anywhere else in terms of what you can get there. I think a lot of people in Boston are obsessed with “thrifting” but by this they only mean shopping at Salvation Armies. Of course there are good finds to be had at places like that, but you can’t rule out the awesomeness of going to a store like Beacon’s, Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, or even Rescue and finding things which are not vintage, but still super cheap because they’re second-hand. Hell, I even consider going to Marshalls or Century 21 to be a form of thrifting. I think that even if I had the money to spare, I would probably only pay full price for shoes. Everything else, I think there’s always a way (especially in New York) to score it for less.

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