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Sydney, Australia; November 2006.

Some pictures on Andrew’s blog reminded me of these photos I took in Sydney a few years ago. My boyfriend at the time was working with a band there for a month (he’s a sound engineer/mixer/producer) and he invited me to join him for part of it. I have obviously always wanted to go to Australia, though most people are surprised that I didn’t make it to Melbourne (I will, eventually). There simply wasn’t enough time. I think I was there for about ten days, but Chris only had three days off during that time. On one of those days we took the bus to Bondi Beach and wandered along the cliffs to this cemetery. Another day we took the ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly and of course, neither of us remembered to take any pictures of all the great spots like Manly Pizza, Manly Video Store, etc. The rest of my time there was spent wandering around shops for this article I wrote for Refinery 29On Location: Sydney and harassing Ilirjana’s friend Benji to hang out with me. Benji proved to be an impeccable guide — showing me all kinds of great nightlife haunts, where to get vegan food (he runs a website called Vegan Sydney) and introducing me to a bunch of rad folks. I only hope that I managed to repay the favor when he was last in NYC.

My time in Australia was nothing short of amazing, even though I had to spend a lot of it exploring things alone (even went to the zoo alone so I could see kangaroos and koalas because, contrary to popular belief, they’re not just hanging out in and under trees in the city square) and thinking about it really makes me miss traveling. The last time I left the country was October 2007, when I went to Berlin with some friends. I’m planning on doing something this summer, but I don’t know exactly what. Originally I had wanted to go to Iceland and a few other countries, but if Massimo goes to Italy, I might want to visit him there (if he’ll have me). Either way, I need something. The itch to leave is always present . . . it’s the only way to determine if the place where I spend most of my time is worth it (New York always is . . .).

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