I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Paul’s jacket, BCBG dress, vintage belt, Silence + Noise leggings.

It’s unfortunate that I don’t have the ability to take proper pictures and therefore show off all of my great shoes. Money is far too tight right now to splurge on a new digital camera and the one I have won’t turn on anymore. Maybe someday you’ll be able to scope the sick Siegerson Morrison patent-leather ankle boots that are topping off this outfit. Special thanks to SG for keeping them on hold for me.

It’s also unfortunate (for my brother) that I will be stealing this jacket. Paul let me borrow it to wear to the Moz show and it topped off my outfit perfectly. So perfectly that I haven’t taken it off since. I’ve swapped his Depeche Mode pin for my pentagram so I think it’s obvious I’ll be trying to keep it. He acquired it on a trip to Hong Kong and while I obviously wish it was black leather instead of denim — it’s pretty much the most perfect motorcycle jacket I’ve ever worn. It’s made by “Dizzy” which is probably just some knock off brand, I think he said it was pretty cheap. My hope is that I can eventually find something so great on one of my various shopping trips that he’ll trade with me for good. We’ll see . . .

One of the leather jackets from Ebay arrived — total bust. Will be attempting to sell it at Beacons with a bunch of other crap when I go down there in a few weeks. This trip to New York will be the last one where I have my own apartment, but I’m not really sad about it. Everything is already packed up and the week is crammed full of sick shows (Xeno & Oaklander, Comet Gain/Cold Cave/Crystal Stilts & Throbbing Gristle to name a few) so I think I’ll be doing more celebrating than weeping.

I know I can’t stop talking about Blessure Grave and I’d like to share a link I found last night — click here to download their tape “Unknown Blessures.” I’ve been experiencing some serious love for a handful of new dark bands and it’s a really good feeling.

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Rediscovering this gem . . .

It should have sold more, but with the earlier Situationist slant now replaced by an overt occult direction, the core Factory audience was probably confused, while more casual listeners were no doubt put off by the popular misconception that all with an interest in magick, Druidism and Qabbalah inhabit the lunatic fringe, and are no different from satanists, vampire slayers and legend trippers. Inevitably, this is a factor which will always colour judgment of the music of The Royal Family and the Poor, as Keane himself recognises:

It has alienated me. Most people in Liverpool seem to think I’m some sort of black magician or fascist. And I’ve learned the hard way just how few genuine occultists there are out there. Most keep themselves to themselves and don’t dare to ‘come out’, particularly in the music business.

Clearly, there is no way an occult-influenced obscure Factory band would escape my radar. Once when I was listening to this at Beacon’s, a customer asked about it (a customer who later turned out to be incredibly knowledgeable about music and, in fact, DJed at Wierd last time I was there . . .) and when I said, “obscure occult-influenced Factory band,” Blasco sort of stroked his chin and mused, “That’s kind of your specialty, isn’t it?” Indeed.

Listen to the whole album here.

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Decided to decorate the fuck out of the bathroom . . .

I can rattle off the history of every single piece that I’ve hung up, but rather than bore you with pointless drivel, I’ll just tell what — to me — is the most interesting story. The scary mask above was given to me by Maryna when she was last in New York. I hadn’t seen her since we all went to Berlin together. She had taken her stuff out of storage to go through it at my apartment and she offered me this mask. Her ex-boyfriend, who had passed away, was a huge Swans fan who had written to them asking for something special. Michael Gira and Jarboe sent back this autographed and decorated piece of creepiness. I am not usually one for autographs, but I like that this object has such a history and purpose and I didn’t want its inanimate life to have to end, so I took it.

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A little inspiration from The Queen . . .

In true accidental goth fashion, I first heard this song on an Indecision 7″ — they had covered it (this must have been around 1995 and I’ve long since gotten rid of that record though I kind of wish I still had it) and as their version faded out, you could hear the end of this one . . .

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No-name but cheap-seeming dress, Urban Outfitters leggings, Bblessing necklace, vintage leather jacket, fake leather gloves, AA circle scarf.

Last time I was in New York, I realized that I had completely forgotten about this leather jacket. Which is really such a shame because it’s a pretty fucking awesome one. I still don’t have a perfect leather jacket though, but I just bought two for cheap as hell on Ebay so hopefully one of them will work out and be the true exquisiteness I have been searching for. This Bblessing necklace was a sweet score at Beacon’s — some idiot had priced it at something like $5.95. Despite the fact that it probably cost over $100 originally, it is pretty cheap feeling — the brass, or whatever it is, is a little too pliable and the chain turns my neck green. I’m not usually much for jewelry and most of the time this necklace is just hanging in my room as a decoration (with a few others) but today I felt like this outfit needed a little something extra. I also have a pretty sick Surface To Air necklace (also scored at Beacon’s) that I gave to my brother, but since he hasn’t been wearing it, I might take it back and try to incorporate both of them into my spring look.

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Blessure Grave – Bring It Down & Paint It Gold

I already wrote about this band on the Rescue Blog but while I was in New York, I saw that their EP on Captured Tracks is finally out and it hasn’t left my record player ever since. They’re doing a split with my friends Cult of Youth in the near future as well. According to Myspace, they won’t be on the east coast until October and despite that totally sucking, I will definitely be there to catch it . . .

That such an awesome modern goth rock band would come from San Diego is really no surprise to me and as evidence, check out this (I hate this word–) tweet I wrote the other day: why ca’s goth scene is so good- history of punk & hardcore, la deathrock, masque, manifest destiny, church of satan. Perhaps in the near future, I’ll elaborate.

Blessure Grave on Myspace

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Another one from the archives.

I’ve had this shirt for a few years, acquired it at Beacon’s of course. It’s super worn in 50/50, pretty much perfect in every way except that it’s a baseball tee and there’s no way I would ever wear one of these out of the house, vintage or otherwise. Still, I can’t get rid of it. The band shirts I own are pretty specific and number less than ten total. Almost all of them were found at Beacon’s, though I did buy a deadstock Misfits one on Ebay, but unfortunately it’s missing the essential element of worn-in-ness that I desire. The other non-Beacon’s one is a Smiths t-shirt printed for me by Justin on a vintage Rogues Gallery shirt so despite it being “fake vintage,” it looks sick as hell and is constantly falling apart. Pictures to come.

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Wore my hair up tonight, as suggested by Massimo and Ilirjana the other night . . .

Anyway, I have a confession to make: I LOVE CUT COPY! Sorry, I know I ramble on about goth this and synth that but it can’t be helped. I first got into them because my brother was into The Presets and they were opening for Cut Copy in the fall so we went. Before heading over to the show I listened to a few Cut Copy songs, got pretty into it, had a fucking blast at the show because they were amazing, and since then I’ve been hooked. So tonight they came through town again and we went to the new House of Blues, which is really just Avalon with a new paint job. Matt & Kim opened — I was completely uninterested in that. But then . . . CUT COPY! They were so good. Infectious pop songs, so catchy, super cute boys, awesome dance moves — I was briefly bummed that we were on the balcony and not down on the floor in the thick of it all but then of course I saw all the glowsticks twirling around and the children crowdsurfing and I revised my opinion. Next Sunday I am going to see MORRISSEY at the same venue and I am pretty sure that getting a good spot will be easy there (though I am, and always have been, worried by the rabidity of Moz fans) so I’m psyched. Currently I am deaf in my left ear, though I don’t regret standing so close to the stage at all. It was so nice to be out at something that I actually enjoyed around here and in case you haven’t discovered the absolute perfection and happiness that Cut Copy can be, please see here:

PS – It was exactly like that except they all got haircuts so they’re much cuter now.

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What I’ve been wearing to bed lately . . .

Don’t worry, I don’t have a massive collection of 90s industrial t-shirts, just these two (the other being the Ministry one) and this one was a pressie from Stephanie on the condition that I wear it constantly and I must say I haven’t done a good job of that. It’s rare that I wear a t-shirt anywhere besides bed except for this one amazing shirt I have that is shredded and worn the fuck out which I wear all the time. I wear all these other shirts to bed all the time in the hopes that the wearing and washing will fuck them up on at least a little bit of the same level, but I feel like it’s almost impossible to achieve that kind of perfection except with the passing of massive amounts of time. I’ll post pictures of that other shirt in the near future.

While recently in New York again, I hung out with Stephanie. We went to Wierd, of course, and danced like crazy to all the classics (Coil, Absolute Body Control, etc). Missing Weird so much (I know, I go on and on about this) has really pushed me over the edge with my gothness. It used to sit inside me, sort of latent, but now it is out full-force all the time. I hardly ever wear anything but black and I have been listening to the best — albeit somewhat depressing and/or scary — music. Every time I try to veer away from goth, I realize how silly that would be and jut come back immediately. Right now I am listening to a mix I made for Stephanie. Currently on Swans’ cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Jarboe version) — amazing. Unfortunately for me, my receiver keeps going in and out. I don’t know shit about shit like this. My audiophile ex-boyfriend told me to get this receiver but I seem to recall him saying he ended up having problems with his a few years down the road and it’s been a few years, so I might be screwed . . .

As usual, I brought back a bunch of random stuff from New York including four issues of Burn Collector, one issue of Sneer and two issues of Spelling Problems. Burn Collector is pretty much the greatest zine as far as I’m concerned and Daniel claims that he will give me the book of issues 1-11 which is in his rehearsal space and I really hope he does since it’s out of print and going for over $100 on Amazon. Sneer was my friend Kate Flannery’s zine in the 90s/early 00s. I only read a few issues of it and I never really met Kate that much in real life, but we’ve been internet friends thanks to riot grrrl and hardcore for over ten years. Sneer was pretty popular, I think it was featured in Seventeen Magazine and Kate is an amazing writer, truly an inspiration. Spelling Problems was my zine. I made zines for years under various names and although I only put out a few issues of SP, I had a website (spellingproblems.org) for years which I updated much like a blog though on a way more obscure and artistic level. Reading over all of these makes me miss that time in my life. It’s hard for me to reveal so much about myself these days for various reasons. It might seem like this blog is pretty revealing, but in truth not much of my personal life gets discussed on here. Anyway. The point of this blather is that I have been sort of working on a zine project on and off for a few months and re-reading all of these has really made me want to focus more on that. I hope to have it out by this summer if I am happy with how it turns out. Stay tuned . . .

EDIT: In case you haven’t heard it —

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Greenpoint, Summer 2008.

Turns out I am missing all polaroids taken between 2004 and 2006. I am pretty sure there should be some somewhere, but they’re probably in the bottom of a box full of junk so I won’t know until I actually move all my stuff and go through it. I did scan and organize everything that I could find though and it was incredibly tedious, but also fun.

They’re all on my Flickr Page now.

I took off all the old digital pictures that were on there (scary to go through them all), but I did put all the bathroom graffiti together in one collection. Enjoy.