I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on March 5, 2009


Wearing vintage silver lurex dress, Silence & Noise pleather blazer/bolero, black tights, and studded Fendi heels that Cara gave me for my birthday.

Met up with Daniel and Massimo last night for drinks before going out, which turned into Daniel convincing us to join Twitter and all of us making silly updates all night. Don’t look for me on there, I want to remain hidden. Then we headed into the city to see Micki play with Backworld at Wierd. Backworld are a band I’ve known about for a while, but never actually listened to until last night. I was pretty into it. Acoustic guitar, violin, synth, deep vocals — sort of reminded me of a Tindersticks version of late Death in June. It was great to be at Wierd again. Sometimes when I am sitting in my room in Allston on a Wednesday night I get so sad that I can’t be at Wierd. For over a year I went there almost every single week and I had been going on and off for a while before that. It is, in my opinion, the best party in NYC. And that’s not just because they play tons of minimal synth and goth classics. It’s the entire atmosphere of the party, which is really specific (smoke machine, lights) due to Pieter’s diligence — but not just the physical atmosphere of the place . . . also the bands that are invited to play, the DJs that are selected, the crowd, the fact that Pieter also runs a record label and is constantly promoting bands, shows and other events as well as convincing people to start their own musical projects or events. It’s an amazing scene to be a part of and I miss the feeling of community and home that I have felt there since I first met Pieter (due to “Accidents In Paradise” by Informatics — I’ll never forget how it brought us together!!) . . .

Anyway, after not getting nearly enough sleep, I got up today to meet up with Micki in the city. We had a blissfully New York day. First we met at macrobiotic restaurant Souen, then we went esoteric book shopping at East West — I got The New Encyclopedia of the Occult, Foundations of Practical Magic: An Introduction to Qabalistic, Magical and Meditative Techniques by Israel Regardie and Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic (a gift) — followed by Other Music where I scored the Some Bizzare album, a John Cale record and a Rough Trade comp and then, finally, to Hospital where I got the Cold Cave record. It seemed like pretty much everything at Hospital was cool, but I had no idea what 90% of the records were and I didn’t have enough money to chance anything. All in all a successful, if expensive, day. Tonight I’m staying in Brooklyn and hoping to check out two shows and see some friends DJ. Gotta cram everything into these few days so it won’t bother me that there is never anything cool to do in Boston.

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