I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on March 22, 2009


What I’ve been wearing to bed lately . . .

Don’t worry, I don’t have a massive collection of 90s industrial t-shirts, just these two (the other being the Ministry one) and this one was a pressie from Stephanie on the condition that I wear it constantly and I must say I haven’t done a good job of that. It’s rare that I wear a t-shirt anywhere besides bed except for this one amazing shirt I have that is shredded and worn the fuck out which I wear all the time. I wear all these other shirts to bed all the time in the hopes that the wearing and washing will fuck them up on at least a little bit of the same level, but I feel like it’s almost impossible to achieve that kind of perfection except with the passing of massive amounts of time. I’ll post pictures of that other shirt in the near future.

While recently in New York again, I hung out with Stephanie. We went to Wierd, of course, and danced like crazy to all the classics (Coil, Absolute Body Control, etc). Missing Weird so much (I know, I go on and on about this) has really pushed me over the edge with my gothness. It used to sit inside me, sort of latent, but now it is out full-force all the time. I hardly ever wear anything but black and I have been listening to the best — albeit somewhat depressing and/or scary — music. Every time I try to veer away from goth, I realize how silly that would be and jut come back immediately. Right now I am listening to a mix I made for Stephanie. Currently on Swans’ cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Jarboe version) — amazing. Unfortunately for me, my receiver keeps going in and out. I don’t know shit about shit like this. My audiophile ex-boyfriend told me to get this receiver but I seem to recall him saying he ended up having problems with his a few years down the road and it’s been a few years, so I might be screwed . . .

As usual, I brought back a bunch of random stuff from New York including four issues of Burn Collector, one issue of Sneer and two issues of Spelling Problems. Burn Collector is pretty much the greatest zine as far as I’m concerned and Daniel claims that he will give me the book of issues 1-11 which is in his rehearsal space and I really hope he does since it’s out of print and going for over $100 on Amazon. Sneer was my friend Kate Flannery’s zine in the 90s/early 00s. I only read a few issues of it and I never really met Kate that much in real life, but we’ve been internet friends thanks to riot grrrl and hardcore for over ten years. Sneer was pretty popular, I think it was featured in Seventeen Magazine and Kate is an amazing writer, truly an inspiration. Spelling Problems was my zine. I made zines for years under various names and although I only put out a few issues of SP, I had a website (spellingproblems.org) for years which I updated much like a blog though on a way more obscure and artistic level. Reading over all of these makes me miss that time in my life. It’s hard for me to reveal so much about myself these days for various reasons. It might seem like this blog is pretty revealing, but in truth not much of my personal life gets discussed on here. Anyway. The point of this blather is that I have been sort of working on a zine project on and off for a few months and re-reading all of these has really made me want to focus more on that. I hope to have it out by this summer if I am happy with how it turns out. Stay tuned . . .

EDIT: In case you haven’t heard it —

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