I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Kevin, Me, Conor.

Is it just me or is summer in Allston turning out to be way more fun than I anticipated? Last night Maureen hosted a bbq/urban campfire in what could loosely be described as a “backyard.” When the fire got down to just about one flame, we all banded together and started throwing any flammable thing we could find into it until Paul got back with a Duraflame log. Of course, as soon as we got it roaring again (with marshmallows ready to go), the fire department came. They were completely unimpressed with our drunken ability to control the fire (especially after Kevin revealed that he had put it out with beer) so they told us all to move while they hosed down every inch of ground and wood in the vicinity. Unfortunately for them, our diy urban campfire spirit could not be doused and we lit paper plates on fire, threw them on the grill and toasted those god damned marshmallows.

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Cape Cod adventure . . . Sandy Neck Beach, Paul, Kevin, Chris.

Rescue Nite last night with the most ultimate killing-it-dj, Conor, turned into a slightly epic afterparty which turned into waking up today and washing the remnants of the night off our faces before hopping in the car to go on a Cape Cod adventure. We made it to Sandwich and encountered nothing but old people picking up rocks, which at first seemed really stupid — but later seemed really amazing because the rocks were sick. We attempted to go to Hyannis but it was clearly a seaside town that they hadn’t forgot to close down . . . so onward we went in search of suburban delights before heading back to Allston in time for Gossip Girl and more drinking. It’s not yet summer but we are ready — drunk and wearing shorts and wanting ice cream and sick with the sun and the silliness of a beautifully wasted day’s adventures.

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Pleasure Principle tee, vintage Levi’s shorts, black tights, vintage Missoni sunglasses.

I found people to go to the park with today, but no one was being goth about it except me. I love this shirt, which I acquired on one of my more recent Beacon’s excursions. It’s a black tee with a list of white things on it (white cloud, white ghost, white dragon, white lightning, white dust, white lady, white horse, white tornado). The shorts I got before I went to Miami to visit my mom a few months ago, but it wasn’t really warm enough there to be wearing them. Of course now it’s way too warm and my commitment to all black and being mostly covered up was pretty much killing me today. But like an ex-boyfriend of mine once said, “Wearing all black in the summertime is better than wearing it at any other point during the year . . . . because it shows that you are serious.”

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H&M sweater, Silence + Noise leggings, H&M shoes.

A High Street outfit for today. This is the same sweater I posted about before, just in a different color. I’ve been wearing these leggings as though they are pants a lot lately and I think it works because the ruching makes them less scandalous than a regular pair. Monday I was wearing a different pair of leggings, but made out of the same pleather/pvc material, and one of Maureen’s friends said, “You look like you have leather legs.” I wish.

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Paul, Molly, Kevin.

Staying up all night always seems like a good idea at the time. Then the sun is actually shining, the birds are really chirping and you wonder if you should wear your sunglasses to bed. Not sure why I thought leaving the house at 1am wouldn’t lead to trouble . . . maybe I really am 27 going on 20.

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Got this in the mail today.

I’ve mentioned before how my music roots lie in hardcore, specifically in the San Diego hardcore scene — or at least, music that sounded like it was put out on Gravity or Three One G even if it wasn’t. Glenn and I used to do a hardcore night for a while and Glenn’s friend Anthony would come and Glenn would tell me how he was writing a book about hardcore. I didn’t take the time to stop and realize that Anthony was Anthony Pappalardo of In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight (Boston hardcore heroes, even if they weren’t my style). Anyway, fast forward about a year later and Anthony’s book, Radio Silence, came out and I DJed the afterparty of the Boston opening. Good times. If you have any interest in hardcore at all, the book is beautifully put together and well worth checking out.

We love seven inches.

Me with Nation of Ulysses at the opening.

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I might have given the impression that I spent all my money on clothes, but guess what? I spent it all on records!

When I first moved out (2002), I had about four boxes of records. These days I have enough to fill more than twelve (+ two boxes of seven inches). Now that I’ve got them all together, I’ll have to start the massive reorganization attempt. Last time I organized them by genre (some made up) and then alphabetically within the genre. But every time I move, I tend to come up with a new way of arranging them, so stay tuned . . .

Sidenote: Last time I moved, Daniel’s friends Justin and Kyle helped me. My records took up the entire back of their pick up truck. I thought that was crazy but they told me they had recently moved Mike of Academy Annex fame (among other things) and his records took four trips in their truck. I’ll get there someday . . .

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So many gems unearthed via this move . . .

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Bye bye, Kingsland Avenue.

In case anyone is wondering, I am now officially settled in my tenth apartment since leaving home in 2002.

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“We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were.”

I’ve been packing, like, really packing. Going through drawers and boxes and dumping out the trash I don’t need and saving the scraps I want to keep forever. I found all the old polaroids — I guess I made an attempt at putting them in an album and then completely forgot about it. Some great pictures of my old half-shaved head will be up on Flickr soon. I also found the long-lost Spelling Problems #3 — guess I always manage to keep one copy hidden somewhere. The cover drawing is by Massimo, one of his maps that he loves to doodle. It’s so strange to look at old things like this zine, a wrinkled up piece of paper which was a rough draft of a letter to my ex-boyfriend (yeah, I used to think that much about things) and a journal I started on the way back from my first trip to Europe. I think it’s because I really am getting older and my life really is changing that I start to think about the many phases of my life and try to sort them out, if for no other reason than to understand who I’ve become.

From the archives . . .


On the way back to America, over the Atlantic at present. I’ve decided to somewhat separate my thoughts simply so I can use up these fabulous exercise books I bought in London. So this will serve to house all the thoughts and images and scraps relating to these past two weeks, especially since I no longer have a “junk” box.

I feel as though whatever lessons I’ve supposedly learned won’t really show up or come into play until I am again settled in my (very) tiny corner of Manhattan. What I do know — what I have learned — is that leaving New York isn’t such a bad thing — it gives one’s mind a little time to clear, but oh how it aches to be away from that splendid city for so long.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow, in my own bed and set about preparing myself for the onslaught of fall and the school that comes with it. If C does end up staying in my apartment, I think it will be all right, I am sure we’ll both be busy enough to not get in each other’s hair. Weird though, to think of him not living four blocks and an avenue and a half away.

I wonder what these two weeks have done to NYC and the people I love there. I’ve never been gone for this long and while I am not really worried, I don’t know, maybe I’m still a bit nervous. But I have stories of British DJs and pictures of Sacré-Cœur to prove that what I’ve been doing is just as important.

I think that when I am settled, when I’ve had a few weeks to digest, I need to attack my stay in Paris within these pages. So beautiful, imposing and lonely.

To quote Joan Didion, as I did above, “Was anyone ever so young?”

Goodbye To All That by Didion — from Slouching Towards Bethlehem, which is kind of my bible.