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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on May 27, 2009


Blacklist ‘Midnight of the Century’ out now on Wierd Records.

Even though I was just in New York, I couldn’t resist planning another trip down for the Blacklist record release party. When I finally got bold enough to introduce myself to Pieter and I told him that I didn’t always come to Wierd because it was hard to drag my friends out all the time, he took it upon himself to introduce me to everyone there so that I would always know someone even if I came alone. Four of the people he introduced me to were Glenn, Josh, Ryan and James aka Blacklist. Since then, they’ve been working on their debut record, Midnight of the Century. It was finally released yesterday and tonight is the party for it. The entire record will be played between 10:30 and 11:30 while there is an open vodka and rum bar and after, a free champagne toast. I think everyone in the extended Wierd family is unbelievably excited for this, so I just couldn’t miss it! To make it all even better, there is an article in today’s Village Voice about Blacklist, Pieter and Wierd — check it out here. And come to the party if you’re in NYC!

Listen to some of the new songs on MySpace.

Buy the new album in digital format.

Buy the cd from Wierd Records.

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