I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on May 31, 2009


Daryl K shirt, Zara pants, H&M shoes.

So excited that the weather finally warrants the wearing of these pants that I got months ago when I visited my mom in Florida. Zara was having some insane sale and these cost me something ridiculous like $7. I guess an outfit like this is sort of my version of a sweatsuit, something super easy and comfortable to throw on and sit around in all day. I don’t really believe in actually dressing down, at least not for myself, so I no longer own anything that’s too casual and I almost always wear heels. A lot of people think that this takes more effort on my part, but in truth it is easier and more comfortable for me to look a way which I think of as more refined.

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