I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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As you can read . . . on July 12th I will be joining Sarah / Badlooking, Nikki / Dirty Flaws, Pam / Pamalamala + Tiffany and Christina / Six Six Sick at the Broadway and Houston Urban Outfitters in NYC to conduct six unique DIY Tutorials. The event will begin at 2pm and end at 5pm but there will be refreshments and socializing both before and after where attendants will have the option to ask questions and see demonstrations up close, as well as meet and mingle with one another and bloggers alike.

There will be 60 RSVP spots available, which secures those on the list a seat at one of the limited table spots as well as a Gift Bag that will have DIY materials as well as magazines and the How To Handbook that Urban has created specifically out of our written tutorials. Because these spots are so limited, each of us involved is going to be holding a contest on our own personal blogs. This is what it entails:


By July 5th, we will have our winners picked – the lucky ten, two from each blog, that will have secure front row seats to the NYC DIY Event of the Summer! Leave your entry as a comment, here, on this post, and be sure to tell your friends about it! All five of our blogs will be hosting this contest and we cannot wait to see who gets to join us on July 12th!

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New Hampshire.

Not a bad place to grow up . . . unless you are a pale-skinned dark-haired comic book loving music obsessed bookworm computer using nerd with no predilection for water sports.

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Found this jacket in the store today and decided to have my way with it.



It may not look like much but my fucking hands are killing me. I plan on adding a lot more studs but it’s wearable for now.

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This shoe is dead, I have killed it.

Because I wear my fancy shoes all the time and generally travel by foot, I lose a lot of good soldiers along the way. Every time this happens and I attempt to get the heel fixed, it never feels quite right again so maybe I will just put this one to rest . . .

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Part #4957381 . . .

I’m a huge fan of Brendan Donnelly. I love reading his blog and I think his illustrations and t-shirts are amazing. This past fall is when I first got hooked on his blog . . . I think it was Justin who brought it to my attention. Anyway, I started reading it all of the time for the hilarious pictures and videos as well well as the insane stories of Brendan’s pre-sober past. Despite having a ton of friends in common and living in the same city for years, we had never met but that was remedied at the Tamaryn/Religious To Damn afterparty the last time I was in NYC. Brendan had to leave early because he was driving to Georgia the next morning (read all about it here) so I sent him a mix of the usual stuff I DJ so that he didn’t feel too left out . . . and in return, I got one of his famous “Arabian NIghts” shirts. I didn’t specify which band, but I’m obviously stoked on getting this Joy Division one, clearly it’s 100% up my alley. If you look back a couple of posts, you can see Jason from Team Robespierre wearing the Black Flag one. I don’t know if Brendan still sells the shirts through his online shop, but they are also available at Court in NYC.

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Part #4957380 of a never ending series entitled “Why My Friends Rule.”

Got this awesome package from Micki as a thank you for helping him with his blog. Inside: an old postcard featuring Nick Cave, a dip-dyed silk scarf and an asymmetrical Helmut Lang dress.

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Always good when friends come to town.

Last night Team Robespierre played the Middle East Upstairs with Chinese Stars. The whole night I kept thinking about all of the bands I had seen there over the years (though I hadn’t been there since before I moved to NYC), including Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars’ old band. Weird in a way, but also just part of this whole “full circle” thing I’ve been feeling since I moved here. Anyway, Team Robespierre crashed at our place and while I assumed we would have some people over for post-show drinking, I didn’t realize that my brother had planned a full-blown afterparty. I think the fact that someone left two bat kites behind will give a little inkling as to what kind of party it was (clue: slightly retarded).

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What happens when the smartest, funniest, wittiest person you know writes a novel? Well . . . needless to say, you read the whole fucking thing.

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Vintage Anne Klein ankle boots, Topshop jeans.

I found these boots at Urban Renewals a few weeks ago. I don’t usually find anything good clothes-wise there because it’s a thoroughly picked over and generally pretty whatever thrift store though there are always some goodies to be had (like the cassette player I scored recently and tons of books and trinkets). When I saw these boots, I obviously freaked out. Actually, I only saw one of them at first and had to scour the entire shoe section for the other one. It was lodged in between two shelves, dangling in some sort of weird limbo, just as I knew it would be — there was no way I was leaving without both of them. They’re crushed velvet with a mesh toe, the 90s/40s heel that I love and stretchy lycra laces. They also looked like they had never been worn. Sadly, due to the shit weather we’ve been having, their like-new status has been downgraded a few notches. Still, though, I love them.

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Inspiration from Flickr + Lydia Deetz.

While Cara was here, she was talking about shaving part of her head because she’s bored with her hair but doesn’t want to cut it all off. I’m feeling a bit of the same way. There’s no way in hell I am cutting my hair since I’m still growing it back from when I cut it in 2007 (post-break-up haircut, so cliché). I don’t want to shave any part of it, though I have always been drawn to asymmetrical haircuts and had one for a long time. So what do I do? I’ve been looking at photos like these for inspiration from the 80s and early 90s. I don’t want to directly copy one of these looks, it would just make me look like I have a costume on which is not something I’m interested in. But I have forsaken straightening my hair these past few days (it’s actually already straight but gets a bit of a wave when I sleep on it) and I bought aerosol hairspray for the first time in a long while. I’ve already been thinking about growing my bangs out (again) and had them cut in a way that would facilitate that, but they’re not long enough yet. Stay tuned though. This fall might be the debut of some poofy sideways insanity.