I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on July 5, 2009


Top: vintage Missoni sunglasses, Obesity & Speed shirt, vintage shorts, cheap heels. Bottom: Topshop finds.

My brother brought this Obesity & Speed shirt back from Beacon’s the other day and of course I nabbed it for myself. I might not have mentioned this before, but we’re staying in a hotel. It’s obviously nice to have my own space instead of crashing on friend’s couches and having to cram all my stuff into their already overcrowded apartments, but this is not a luxury I’ll be able to afford again any time soon.

Anyway I finally made it over to Topshop and gave myself a spending limit: $200. Luckily tons of shit was on sale. The two best things I got were these Preen for Topshop heels that I am pumped about (marked down to $80) and these leggings with cut-out panels (not on sale, but only $60!). I also found a drapey black tunic for $15 (sale) and a drapey white dress for $32 (not on sale). Overall I thought the selection was pretty amazing even though it’s obviously way smaller than the one in Oxford Circus (which, admittedly, I have only been to a few times about five years ago). The shoes were the real treasures, of course. Since I had a low limit, I decided not to torture myself by looking at the non-sale shoes (okay, I glanced). But the sale shoes were nothing to scoff at . . . I decided to go with these Preen heels because they’re amazing and kind of fancy but not so extreme that I won’t end up wearing them. I almost picked up one of the Marios Schwab slash dresses because they were marked down to $50, but the overall fit and quality turned out to be kind of whatever. There were a few things that caught my eye that I didn’t try on, but I will definitely be back to check them out (and see if they’re on sale) in the future . . . most notably a very Jil Sander-ish fringe dress, a leather skirt with gold studs and a bodycon dress with cut-out panels on the side. Pretty psyched.

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  1. melissa said, on July 6, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    i wish i had one of those stores in my area…it looks like you got some killer stuff, i really dig the heels and leggings. fashionable+black+cheap=right up my alley.

  2. nicky vara said, on July 7, 2009 at 2:50 AM

    some great purchases there :P
    so jealou of your preen shoes swoon :)
    nicky x

  3. Jeralyn said, on July 7, 2009 at 9:18 AM

    Thanks – I love these shoes so much! Already wore them twice and they’re totally comfortable (well, sort of) and look so good!

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