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It occurred to me to me that no one who has seen the picture of my organized records (which I also posted on Facebook) has identified the C Cat Trance “Screaming (To Be with You)” 12″. Which could obviously be because it’s a somewhat obscure record, but the two core members of C Cat Trance were both in Medium Medium, a post-punk band most people interested in the genre are familiar with (based mostly on their classic “Hungry, So Angry”). I got into Medium Medium first, but then I discovered that they didn’t have much material because Rees Lewis and Nigel Stone had soon parted ways with the band to pursue the much more ethnic/world music-influenced sounds of C Cat Trance.

Here’s a blurb from the Cherry Red website:

Evident influences range from Beefheart through Parliament and Can to a variety of traditional musics (most conspicuously middle Eastern); C-Cat Trance pre-figured bands like Jah Wobble’s Raiders, Enigma and a host of dance and world acts. They received consistent acclaim. Lewis’ sax playing was described in the press as “lung emptying sax”, “striking sax”, “sax bleats”, “groaning sax”, “skittering sax”, “screeching sax”, “wild sax”, “wailing sax”, “powerful sax”, “cloudy night-time sax”, “searing sax”, “sax breaks that wail like a maitresse in nipple clamps”, “sax explosions like splittering glass”, “growling sax”, “simmering, potent and seductive sax”, “bad tempered sax”, “stark sax”, “vengeful, uncouth sax”, “itchy aggressive sax”. He is now probably one of the most sampled snake charmer players this side of Kandy – almost any dance tune with horn in the title.

It wasn’t that hard to track down their records and I got most of them from Ebay for fairly cheap. The one thing that I did have to hunt down was their version of “(You’ve Got Me) Dangling On A String” (which Medium Medium had also covered but I prefer the CCT version). Medium Medium recently reformed and played some shows (though I didn’t catch any of them), some live footage of which can be found on YouTube. Rees Lewis definitely still has it . . . that indefinable something that makes a front man sexy and mysterious, but also approachable and interesting, all with the power of his voice and movement. Just look at those eyes!


Medium Medium – Hungry, So Angry


C Cat Trance – Screaming (To Be With You)

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