I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Average Friday night at The Model turns into late night record listening sesh at Nick’s apartment. I used my Brendan Donnelly tote bag to lighten up the seriousness of my outfit (shredded jeans + rune shirt + leather jacket) and as I suspected, the bag was a huge hit. How could it not be? That dog is so fancy!

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Forgive me for dabbling in primaries for the second day in a row. As I’m sure you can imagine, these boots were worn with all black (sweatshirt + shorts). I’ve had these over-the-knee boots for what feels like forever. They’re red suede vintage Candies with a wood stacked heel. When I first got them, I wore them out almost every night but I haven’t put them on in a while. I actually tried to sell them last time I was at Beacon’s, but for some reason they didn’t take them (which is funny since that’s where I bought them – when I worked there). Anyway, I’m actually glad now because I’ve realized that a) I’m still sentimentally attached to them and b) I really have to get some over-the-knee or thigh-high black boots for fall ASAP. I was browsing on Ebay and found a few cool ones but mostly stripperish. The Topshop ones are there for a reasonable price, but based on Queen Michelle’s criticisms of them (not having a zipper, being really hard to get on), I’m worried that they wouldn’t actually fit me. I’ve got a few others on my watch list though . . . so we’ll see what happens.

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I found this dress at the Salvation Army in NH the other day. Wearing color is always low on my radar, especially any of the primaries but something about these flowers on the black background really called out to me. I decided that it would only work if I met it at every edge with more black so today I’ve got on a blazer, tights and boots to keep the colors to a minimum strip down the front. The dress itself is really a little whatever but the combining it with the blazer and the boots kind of reminded me a bit of the Chloe for Opening Ceremony stuff — most of which I covet, none of which I will be able to afford.

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I’ve been trying to figure out a way to wear this Diana Orving top since I found it at Beacon’s a few months ago. It’s weirdly asymmetrical and too tight on one of my arms so it’s been rather difficult but today I just threw it on over a pair of shorts with black boots and despite it being, as Sara G might say, rather “floofy,” I still like the look of it. Also threw on this rad little skull and crossbones ring I found at the Salvation Army yesterday. Unfortunately, I have skin similar to my mother’s — she is allergic to nickel and has bad reactions (rashes, etc) to almost all metals except pure gold and while my reactions aren’t as severe as that, there is definitely something going on with my skin that speeds up the tarnishing process on anything I wear. This little ring at least looked silver when I bought it, an hour or so later and it was almost all copper. Anyway, I haven’t really been into wearing ankle boots without tights ever, but I tried it the other day after staring at Face Hunter for too long and noticing that a lot of the girls on that site were doing it. It took a little coaxing from my brother, but I eventually left the house in a dress and boots and ended up loving the look. Today, however, the shorts + boots are making me feel a lot more like the industrial boys from Gregg Araki’s Totally Fucked Up than a stylish Brit or Scandinavian and, in fact, I was wondering if I should have worn my Ministry shirt instead. I searched forever on the internet trying to find screenshots of this film but there was nothing except the cover available, though I did find this blog post with the whole thing.

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This is what happens when you are the only girl at the afterparty.

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In the midst of completing my original DIY project (which is almost done), I realized I needed a few more supplies so I took a break to work on two Garbage Dress inspired ventures. The first is a Morphine Generation dress that I bought at Beacon’s a few months ago. I tried it on around the house, but never got around to wearing it out . . . then one day I tried it on and the thread holding the top to the bottom just came completely undone (soon to be followed by pretty much every other seam in this thing!). I stuffed it in a drawer, to be fixed eventually. Last night I pulled it out and thought about the knotted dress I had seen on Garbage Dress and decided to try to make something similar with this. Unfortunately, it was already pretty short to begin with so it’s more of a tunic than a dress, but whatever, I’m still excited about it now. The other piece came about because I pulled out my leftover studs and tried to see what I could make with them. The thought of studding a shirt came to me, but all attempts failed because the fabric was too thin and the studs kept sliding out. Then I remembered this black muumuu I got at a thrift store a while back. I kept thinking I would eventually use it for something. So I made a giant inverted cross with small gold studs (inspired by Zana’s dress with the row of studs down the front). I tried to alter the dress last night but my sewing machine is still fucked and my hand sewing skills are abominable, so that part will have to wait. All in all though, I think it was quite a productive evening.

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It’s too hot to be goth today. I wore this Laura Seymour drapey dress/top over an H&M tank top with Silence + Noise leggings and despite this being one of my more breezy outfits, my failed trip to a craft store can only be described as ‘sweltering.’ I suppose calling the trip itself failed is a bit misleading — I did actually make it there but they didn’t have what I needed (grommets), so I headed to a hardware store instead. There I was able to get the grommets (they’re for our revised dressing rooms) and some other things the store needed as well as a few supplies for myself. Since the weather is unbearable today, I’m holing up inside with the a/c and embarking on a fairly ambitious and well overdue DIY project, which — if it turns out at all appropriate — will be documented here shortly.

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I’m sure everyone is as sick of seeing these things as I am of making them but I’m exceptionally proud of this one because it is for me . . . I made it out of a Helmut Lang t-shirt that I hardly ever wore and its 85% cotton, 15% cashmere fiber content + pinky beige color really lend itself to this type of style. I’m excited to wear it out but I think I might save it for a party happening next weekend for which the attendees have been encouraged to dress up.

In random and exciting news, my brother was just driving around listening to college radio and happened to hear fellow Wierd-goers Martial Canterel and Epee du Bois played. I checked into the show only to find a lot of minimal synth and noisy electronic music right up my alley. Maybe there is hope for this city yet . . .

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I know it’s still a while from now, but I have decided upon my Halloween costume and this is the moodboard for it. I have pretty much everything I need except I still need to acquire a lot of black feathers, some fake birds and a cloak (but I think I might make the last one myself). Massimo is going to be Jonathan Strange, or so he says — if I don’t find his entire costume though, there is no way he will come up with it. So I’ve got a bit of work ahead of me, but I think the end result will be well worth it. We’re contemplating roping Cara into being The Gentleman With The Thistle-down Hair and possibly inquiring as to whether or not Micki would like to be Childermass, but that’s all up in the air right now.