I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on August 23, 2009



In the midst of completing my original DIY project (which is almost done), I realized I needed a few more supplies so I took a break to work on two Garbage Dress inspired ventures. The first is a Morphine Generation dress that I bought at Beacon’s a few months ago. I tried it on around the house, but never got around to wearing it out . . . then one day I tried it on and the thread holding the top to the bottom just came completely undone (soon to be followed by pretty much every other seam in this thing!). I stuffed it in a drawer, to be fixed eventually. Last night I pulled it out and thought about the knotted dress I had seen on Garbage Dress and decided to try to make something similar with this. Unfortunately, it was already pretty short to begin with so it’s more of a tunic than a dress, but whatever, I’m still excited about it now. The other piece came about because I pulled out my leftover studs and tried to see what I could make with them. The thought of studding a shirt came to me, but all attempts failed because the fabric was too thin and the studs kept sliding out. Then I remembered this black muumuu I got at a thrift store a while back. I kept thinking I would eventually use it for something. So I made a giant inverted cross with small gold studs (inspired by Zana’s dress with the row of studs down the front). I tried to alter the dress last night but my sewing machine is still fucked and my hand sewing skills are abominable, so that part will have to wait. All in all though, I think it was quite a productive evening.

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  1. amanda said, on August 24, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    love the way the lace peeks through

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