I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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I have seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform at a number of venues, in a number of cities, since I first had the luck of catching their “secret” show at Luxx in Williamsburg (now Trash Bar) way back in 2002. I always think about that show whenever I think about the band because it was right around the time they started making waves in the NYC music scene, thus the idea of doing a secret show for friends was already necessary because playing bigger venues was starting to become routine for them. After the show, I heard people talking shit like, “They were so much better when Karen was drunk and forgetting the lyrics, they’re too serious now, they’re over,” etc. Obviously all these people were just bitter. The YYYs only get better with every album and every tour. Karen has always had an amazing stage presence, but I think now with the crazy costumes and stage setups and ability to run off stage and change into something else for certain songs — this only adds to their performance, mostly because it really looks like Karen is loving it. The YYYs are definitely one of the only bands I have ever seen where the entire band consistently looks happy to be on stage. Their enjoyment lasts throughout the performance and even if it’s an act — who cares? There’s nothing more depressing than a huge show and a band that just stands there in the shadows looking pissed that all their dreams came true.

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When I was in high school, I used to love The Garment District. It was a huge treat to convince my mom to take me into the city so I could go shopping there and I have a very distinct memory of a cute boy who worked there once asking me if I wanted any glitter and when I merely smiled because I was so caught off-guard, he dumped a bunch of glitter on my head. It was the 90s, so this was perfectly acceptable to me. Anyway, years passed and I rarely visited the store. The last time was a few years ago and, spoiled by Beacon’s and other NYC locales, I was pretty disappointed with its wares. Recently a friend got a job there after talking about it with him a bit, I decided to go check it out again. While the store is huge, most of the stock is simply not my style. It’s very similar to a thrift store, lots of polyester and random stuff just thrown all over the place. They do have an enormous costume section, but it’s primarily made up of pre-made costumes (you know, pirate jackets, etc) that are quite expensive. And, of course, they have Dollar-A-Pound on the first floor (which is really $1.50/lb now) but I am completely uninterested in sitting on a floor full of dirty clothes and digging through them in the hopes of finding a few unstained t-shirts. I think my problem with The Garment District is that it really hasn’t changed since I frequented it in high school — it hasn’t really moved with the times. Regardless of all that, I did manage to find one really amazing thing for an unbelievably low price. This item required a lot of foresight because as it was, it looked pretty ridiculous. I could clearly see the woman who would have worn this piece in the 80s, Dynasty hair and tons of glamorous make-up . . . but that look isn’t for me. What I bought was a two piece dress — basically a floor-length pink silk gown with cascading ruffles and a light pink/cream silk top with sequins and beads sewn all over it. When I got home, I immediately threw the under-gown away and cut out the enormous shoulder-pads (which were beefed up with ruffled netting) — I know strong shoulders are in this season, but these were unacceptable. The end result was a sheer, sparkly mini dress which I wore out last night over a black slip and with a black snakeskin belt + tights, platforms and a leather jacket. The total cost was $7.

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It’s been six years since I went to Berlin for the first time, but yet every coming of autumn continues to remind me of that time period in my life. It hardly seems like that long ago, but it really was — not only was the world a lot different then but so was I. I went to Berlin for a semester without ever having been there before. I stayed for four months and lived in what was formerly an East Berlin piano factory but had been somewhat recently converted to artist lofts. The girl I was supposed to live with didn’t like the seclusion and weirdness of this space so her parents rented her a suite in a hotel in Mitte for the duration of her stay. The place where I lived was about a fifteen minute walk from the Hermannplatz station and I would walk or ride my bike or take the bus there almost every single day around 8:30am because I had German class five days a week from 9-12. Getting up early like that is not something that I enjoy at all and I enjoyed it far less in a giant loft with no insulation and barely any heat or hot water. Although I made a lot of friends in Berlin, I was very secluded in many ways. The apartment I lived in didn’t have an internet connection and I didn’t have a cell phone. People could call the apartment but I could barely understand how to use the answering machine so I missed a lot of attempts at communication. This was pre-Myspace/Facebook (I remember joining Myspace right as I was leaving) so besides weekly lengthy emails to Amy and Massimo, I really had no idea what anyone was up to in New York. It was all kind of amazing in a way. I wasn’t there that long, but I really felt myself changing and I felt myself falling in love with the city. I’ve been back a handful of times (the above polaroids are from my last trip in October 2007) and am tentatively planning another trip for this spring. Going abroad is an incredible luxury and one I would recommend to anyone who has the chance. Sure, I had lived in New York for a year on my own before this but being thrown into such a chaotic situation with really no support system at all is just so strengthening to one’s character. There were other members of my study abroad group who did not enjoy Berlin, or all the traveling we did (another luxury . . . while I was there I also visited London, Prague, Dresden, Weimar, Krakow, Warsaw and Copenhagen); but not so for me. I threw myself into everything I encountered and despite the moments of overpowering loneliness there was so much growing of mind and soul and so much interesting interaction every single day — even if it was with strangers (how amazing the time someone asked me for directions in German and I was able to respond–coherently–I couldn’t believe myself) — it’s just not something that I can easily forget or push out of my mind. So, I always take some mornings this time of year to sip coffee (which I learned to enjoy in Berlin) and think abut it all again.

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I hate when people attempt to explain why they haven’t been as regular with posts as in the past, so I won’t bother. This is just a note to alert anyone who is interested that I’m back on track.

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I got these done the other day. They’re fake but they’re fun . . . and black. Worn with two vintage rings and Bittersweets Baby Vamps.

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I don’t know if it’s the onset of autumn or if I’ve just been slack in taking care of myself, but either way I’ve been run down with an awful cold – the kind that makes even the act of getting out of bed seem monumental. This caused a major bumout because I’d been looking forward to seeing Crocodiles (finally!) and The Horrors (again) for months. I went anyway but I was crankier than I should have been. The show was good but for most of the night I found myself comparing other performers to the ones I was watching (for the record, there is no one to compare Spider Webb to . . . he’s just that good). As usual, this train of thought led me to Nick Cave. Mostly because I know that the dude from Crocodiles used to be in The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and I know that Zack went on tour with them and after, he told me that when he showed them his “Release The Bats” tattoo, they revealed that someone in their band had a tattoo from “Six Inch Gold Blade.” (Not sure if it was one of the Crocodiles.) I was talking to Micki last night because he went to see Nick Cave give a reading/get interviewed and we discussed the influence of Cave as well as the type of questions we would have asked (according to Micki, the interviewer didn’t go a great job). Again, all these thoughts were just whirring around in my head the whole night and it was impossible to really separate them or discover what conclusion I was trying to come to. I still haven’t figured it out, but this ramble was a good way to lead into some videos of Nick Cave reading from both “And The Ass Saw The Angel” and “The Death of Bunny Munro.”

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Massimo and Bruno picked me up and brought me to Maine so we could celebrate the end of summer with friends we don’t see often enough. Jeremy and Justin live about five seconds from the ocean, you can see and smell it from their porch and at night when I fell asleep after hours of laughing and wine and games I could hear the sea lapping at the edges of land all around me and it brought back the happiest memories I have of childhood summers in Cape Cod. As much as I don’t like living here currently, I am attached to New England – as an idea, a place, an image – I can’t explain it. It’s one of those things that you have to live through to understand.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, yes – that is a Ride tattoo.


Ride – Drive Blind

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I’m going to Maine tomorrow to visit Justin, so I thought I’d make him a present. This took me a little over an hour and I made it out of a Hanes tee I had lying around + a sharpie + some splattered ink + shoe polish. I don’t think it will hold up too long if he washes it, but other than that it’s pretty cool.

I know it’s been a while since I actually lived in Brooklyn, but I still associate myself with that place in terms of music, art, friends, etc. So I felt pretty guilty when I was listening to the new Simian Mobile Disco album and found myself getting really into the song “Audacity of Huge” which is sung by Chris Keating of Yeasayer because I realized that I had never actually listened to Yeasayer (despite living next door to one of the dudes for almost two years). Anyway, I finally took the time to give a listen and, of course, totally love it. Now I am lamenting all the times I could have seen them and didn’t, though honestly, I do like to find bands in organic ways like this that are sort of random. It was just a lot easier when things like this happened in NYC because I could usually end up catching the band a lot sooner than I ever will up here.

Yeasayer – Sunrise

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I did a major overhaul last night and bagged up a ridiculous amount of stuff to be sold at Beacon’s in the near future. My plan is to take cash and then go buy one nice thing new, but we’ll see – I’m sure I’ll end up being enticed by a fancy pair of shoes that are too small or a ridiculous accessory that I’ll never end up wearing (for reference, please see the giant corset Acne belt I bought months ago but still don’t have the balls to wear out of the house). Either way, it’s extremely nice to have a smidgen of space between the hangers . . . before, they were quite literally crammed in there. Anyway, don’t worry – this obviously isn’t a picture of all of my clothes. After I took out all the things I wanted to sell, I took out all of my t-shirts and put them on their own rack. Dresses and coats have always had their own rack as well. At the moment, my room looks very much like a small shop that sells record and clothes and for some reason has a bed in the corner.