I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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From what I can remember, our anniversary party was a blast. I drank about three bottles of champagne before 10pm so everything is a deliciously bubbly blur of good times and smiles and balloons. This past year has been far from easy and I’m really proud of myself and my brother for making it this far — though we still have a long way to go! Tonight is our Halloween party . . . my costume has gone through about a thousand changes and I’ve wasted too much money on things I won’t actually be using but I’m pretty stoked on the final result — going to try to stay clearheaded enough to remember to get pictures because despite the unbelievable amount of time and detail I always put into my Halloween costumes, I usually end up taking photos of everyone else and completely forgetting to document myself.

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Winter always provides a challenge for me because I have yet to master layering in any real way and I don’t own that many sweaters. So usually I just throw a cardigan or light jacket over something I would normally wear and call it a day — which is pretty much what I did today (vintage blazer over H&M t-shirt and Zara jodhpur-esque dress pants). But when I added the trench and scarf to go outside, I really liked the way it looked and it’s made me realize that I can’t go on in this boring way any longer! I must figure out new combinations of layering immediately! Unfortunately, my trip to Beacon’s last weekend didn’t yield many options in this department, but luckily I’m going to NYC next weekend and can try again. I’m also thinking I need to stop by Oak and see if I can find myself a Complex Geometries piece that can be worn in multiple ways (why does everyone have one of these but me?) because that would really solve all my layering problems in one fell swoop.

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I am addicted to TUMBLR! At first I was just putting up my own photos which quickly got boring. Now I have switched to the typical use of Tumblr – adding tons of random photos culled from all over the internet. It’s actually really fun and a great way to use up my seemingly endless downtime at work. What I like about it is that it’s sort of like creating a visual mixtape (making mixes — tapes or cd’s — is probably one of my favorite hobbies of all time) but, even more so than with music, you really run the risk of not being understood at all . . . but who cares? The stories I am telling through these images make perfect sense to me and I love the way the end result looks. It’s like a digital zine. Really up my alley and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten sucked in until now. If you use Tumblr, follow me and I’ll follow you and we’ll all have a blast.

PS – While the two outside images above were taken from random searches, the photo in the middle is of Andrew McNey and was taken by Chris Coady.

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These Sam Edelman Balenciaga knockoffs are finally mine! When I arrived at Beacon’s on Saturday, my old roommate (and former co-worker) Sara G told me she had some “cool shoes” that were too big for her. When she busted these babies out I freaked! They’re in amazing condition — look barely worn at all even though they’re missing the harness (not too upset about that though — I don’t think I would have worn it that much — plus I recently acquired a crazy set of chain/stud bootstraps I can use if I feel like it). The best part about all of this is that these were under $50! I have seen them go on Ebay for well over $300 and I know that the reissues go for about the same.

While I was trying these on and thinking about how crazy high they are and how dangerous that is, but how much I really love it — I started trying to figure out why it is that I love it. After those insane Alexander McQueen shoes came out, The Times and The Cut had articles about why women like to wear crazy shoes. Some of the reasons they came up with make sense to me but after much delving into the inner recesses of my mind, I realized why I absolutely love to wear crazy/weird/uncomfortable/interesting shoes — it’s because they’re crazy/weird/uncomfortable/interesting. Because if everyone could wear them, they would, but not everyone has the ability/energy/stamina/pain threshold to take it. It’s like tattoos — they hurt and they’re forever so a lot of people shy away from them. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I wear cool shoes or get tattoos to “set myself apart” from the crowd (because neither thing is that unique) but it’s more committing to the type of person I see myself as — and committing to that on a daily basis, every day, for the rest of my life. Not just on weekends or nights off. Today, for instance, I am wearing platform stilleto boots that make the simple act of walking half a mile to work feel like using a stairmaster for five hours, but — as I have shown repeatedly for as long as I can remember — that is a price I have no problem paying.

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My Saturday night started out with a benefit show in the basement of a fancy candy store. I was too busy catching up with people upstairs to catch any but the band I came to see — Jill’s (formerly of I Heart) new venture Open Ocean. It was their first show and even though the basement was crammed with friends, I think the overall reaction makes it safe to say that this band will be getting a lot of attention in the near future. It reminded me of a mix between early New Order demos (paired with a deep female lead) and a gothy Raincoats, aka AWESOME. I don’t know Jill very well and I had no idea she would have such a beautiful and powerful voice. It’s always nice to see a band full of girls who fucking kill it, too. They have no songs up online yet, but as soon as they do, I’ll be spreading the word.

Next up was the show doubling as a party for Cara and Solomon’s birthdays. Mirror Mirror played first and completely slayed me. I had listened to them on Myspace and wasn’t super into what I heard, but live it was incredible. They seemed to have the perfect vibe for the party too — a little dark, a little dancey, a little weird. All my favorite things.

And of course I was psyched to see my friends Cult of Youth back from tour and now with the addition of the lovely Christiana on violin. It was great to watch this beautiful sequined-clad woman invigorating the pounding darkness that COY inhabit. I think I have seen COY in all of their formations (from Sean solo to Micki playing bass and keyboards to new drummers to this current line-up) and this was definitely one of my favorite times.

I unfortunately missed most of Death Domain and Light Asylym but hopefully I’ll be able to catch them both again in the near future.

Nights like that are what I really love about New York — seemingly a bunch of random people coming together for no other reason than to be creative and witness other people’s endeavors with encouragement and excitement — it was really a breath of fresh air from Boston where people seem to be a little down on everything and I have yet to really find any local music that I enjoy.

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The party was a success! I am so happy everything came together and that I had a (small) part in it. I visited Beacon’s earlier in the day and Cara gave me a super slutty shiny silver Ideen dress that didn’t fit her, to which I added some gigantic dangly silver earrings (picked up at Aldo the other day), and I was in full party-mode before even leaving the house. The night was full of amazing music, provided live by Open Ocean, Mirror Mirror, Death Domain, Cult of Youth and Light Asylum (more on all that tomorrow) and later by Nick, Zack and Nate at Motor City. I’m already back in Boston and it’s a bummer to think about all the things I meant to do but didn’t, however, I’m hoping I can get back down for Halloween . . .

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Every now and then, the internet makes miracles happen. I am definitely one to bitch about the way music/the scene is adversely affected by the internet but that doesn’t mean that we all don’t reap some enormous benefits from it, too. I first heard Teenage Brain Surgeon on a bootleg comp called “Rare and Minimal Wave Sounds” found via Soulseek. When I first started getting into minimal synth, I would google bands and then try to track down as much of their discography as I could on Soulseek and later, music blogs. The proliferation of music blogs really made things a lot easier because people would often describe the music, upload pictures and give various other release information which is helpful to any record collector in determining if they want to take a leap to listen to a record (even when you are just downloading, there is so much to sift through, you need some method to figure out what you think you’d like). Anyway — “Years Went By” was the track on that comp and I thought it was beautiful and haunting and wonderful. I put it on about a million mixes and DJed it all the time. More Soulseek trolling led me to another track from the same 7″ — “Fatal Day” (my favorite and a constant in my DJ sets). And since Discogs had a picture of this rare 7″, I knew there was one track (“Cold”) that I was missing. A while later, Frankie and I were trading some music and I sent him TBS and told him how I had never been able to track down “Cold.” Well, another while later and he found it! I’ve no idea how and I don’t even care — that’s not even the best part. The best part is that when Frankie posted the 7″ on his blog, someone from Teenage Brain Surgeon read it! Direct quote from the comments section:

so weird to read this. after having recorded the songs (in 1988), we didn’t have a chance to listen to them before pressing. and when we finally did, we didn’t want to release the single at all, because we were so disappointed by the result. from the initial 1000 copies approx. 300 were given to friends and fans etc. “Fatal Day” is the only record we ever made (but we released a few tapes then).

but nice to hear that “it never fails in a DJ set” in 2009.

So it has truly come full circle. And I would recommend that any fan of “rare and minimal wave sounds” go and download this immediately because each song is amazing and perfectly encapsulates everything that I love about minimal synth. I think that a lot of people who aren’t record collectors (because there, the trend has definitely been leading towards synth for a while) don’t understand that synth is SO PUNK! At a time when everyone was grabbing a guitar and banging out whatever they wanted (the 80s), all these bands who wanted to do something experimental and futuristic began building their own analogue synthesizers and creating the craziest sounds to go with songs about sadness and love that were still infused with a pop sensibility. While any band today can still be “punk” by grabbing guitars and drums, very few take the time to use analogue synthesizers and as a result, this sound has been practically lost! (Besides, of course, within the Wierd family and a few other small enclaves of modern coldwavers.) If you would like to delve further into this topic, you should definitely pick up the Wierd Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008 and read Pieter and Sean’s essay about the analogue synthesizer as a folk instrument of resistance.

Anyway, back to Teenage Brain Surgeon — GET IT HERE.

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A brief mix for Fri-Mon.

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DYING to get to New York. I’ve been gone about two months, I think, and it’s the longest break I’ve had from the city. We’ve been trying to save money at the store so I needed to take a break from the recklessly vacation-like party/shop/brunch mentality which encompasses my mindset whilst there. In an effort to spice things up (and because it’s cold as hell today), I am wearing this J. Lindeberg sweater — which I normally wear as a dress, though it’s probably too short for that. I realized yesterday that the shredded jeans aren’t going to work in winter without tights underneath so there’s an H&M lace pair today. And this sparkly headband I picked up yesterday while I was shopping with my mom (I helped her pick out an outfit for a wedding and I’m so proud of her in it — she looks completely modern and age-appropriate but also really beautiful and edgy, hopefully I can get some pictures of her complete look). Sometimes I think headbands are really stupid and other times I think they’re really rad. I know Cara thinks that they’re completely over, but she’s not here to yell at me for wearing one.

Speaking of Cara, I’m so psyched I get to go to her birthday party this year. I missed it last year because we were opening Rescue. If you’re in NYC, come by and check it out — should be awesome. The location fell through for a minute but my friend Cat hooked us up with her boyfriend’s new gallery and then everything came together. I might throw on a few songs in between or after bands, but even if I don’t, there are a bunch of other great DJs lined up . . .

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By perfect chance, Stephanie and Daniel happened to be in town the same night that Ilirjana’s band were opening for The Gossip. We used our backstage passes to consume way too many free Coronas and then invited everyone from the show to Rescue Nite (which we drove to in a convertible with the top down). It completely figures that I’d forget I even had a camera on the best night we’ve had there, but either way, it was a blast. The party continued for a little bit too long back at our apartment and my ipod is now mysteriously missing, but sometimes there’s a price to pay for a pretty perfect night.