I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on October 14, 2009


DYING to get to New York. I’ve been gone about two months, I think, and it’s the longest break I’ve had from the city. We’ve been trying to save money at the store so I needed to take a break from the recklessly vacation-like party/shop/brunch mentality which encompasses my mindset whilst there. In an effort to spice things up (and because it’s cold as hell today), I am wearing this J. Lindeberg sweater — which I normally wear as a dress, though it’s probably too short for that. I realized yesterday that the shredded jeans aren’t going to work in winter without tights underneath so there’s an H&M lace pair today. And this sparkly headband I picked up yesterday while I was shopping with my mom (I helped her pick out an outfit for a wedding and I’m so proud of her in it — she looks completely modern and age-appropriate but also really beautiful and edgy, hopefully I can get some pictures of her complete look). Sometimes I think headbands are really stupid and other times I think they’re really rad. I know Cara thinks that they’re completely over, but she’s not here to yell at me for wearing one.

Speaking of Cara, I’m so psyched I get to go to her birthday party this year. I missed it last year because we were opening Rescue. If you’re in NYC, come by and check it out — should be awesome. The location fell through for a minute but my friend Cat hooked us up with her boyfriend’s new gallery and then everything came together. I might throw on a few songs in between or after bands, but even if I don’t, there are a bunch of other great DJs lined up . . .

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