I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Justin came to Boston so we could relive our youth in various ways by going to see Cold Cave at The Pill. A few days and late, late nights later and I’m in NYC for my birthday. Youth fades. Friends are forever. Tomorrow (to)night will presumably wreck me in the best way possible.

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We won the award for “Best Sunday Night” from the Weekly Dig so we got all dressed up and went to the awards/anniversary party they threw last night. As usual at those types of things, the free drinks didn’t last long enough and when they weren’t free, they were exxxpensive. So we obviously headed back over to cheap-as-hell Allston to finish our night at The Model. I stayed up too late and I can’t believe my brother managed to go out of town for a week and only work two days before I got stuck coming into the store again. Oh, how I am wishing for sleep today.

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I should probably feel guilty about this, but I found this Swans t-shirt at the newly opened Boston Buffalo Exchange. I’ve been there twice and it’s pretty much like all the other Buffalo Exchanges I’ve been to — okay, but not that great. I’m sure people with different style probably love it, but it’s never been my favorite. That being said, I can’t not go there because I am addicted to shopping in second-hand stores. My time at Beacon’s convinced me that you never know what the hell you will find and even though I own a second-hand store now and can have my pick of the things that come in here, I’m always on the lookout. Anyway, when I saw this Swans shirt for $9, I had to have it of course. Worn today with an oversized short-sleeved cardigan (no label) and Sass & Bide Black Rats. The fact that it was warm enough when I left the house to just be wearing this makes me nervous. Boston (and New England in general and while we’re at it, the Northeast really) is notorious for temperamental weather. This could just be a trick to lull us all into a false sense of security so that when we wake up to two feet of snow tomorrow we won’t be prepared at all . . .

I’ve been thinking about my t-shirt collection a lot lately. I think I need to document it more. About a year ago I didn’t really have much of one because they weren’t really a part of my wardrobe. But as I have started shopping for the store and my brother more, I obviously pay attention to t-shirts more than I used to and I’ve acquired quite an interesting grouping. It’s not very large but it’s very specific. It can be divided into three parts: vintage band t-shirts (but only certain bands . . . you won’t find any ironic Van Halen shirts around these parts), designer t-shirts that have interesting graphics and Rogues Gallery tees that were gifted to me by Justin. There are about two or three that don’t fall into those categories but they’re vintage shirts that had some sort of appeal (i.e. my Twin Peaks shirt) that correlates to these groups and/or my general aesthetic. I’m kind of bummed that I have done so much ‘clearing-out’ in the past because I know there are some really good tees that have fallen by the wayside and I would love to still have them in my collection. The same thing happened with records — I just got rid of a lot of stuff I thought I didn’t need probably 5-7 years ago and now I regret it. Though I guess the good thing about doing that is I’ve learned my lesson and now I make sure to hang onto stuff like this.

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Ever since Tamaryn moved to San Francisco, she’s been talking about Girls. Lately, of course, so has everyone else. I was stoked to finally see them play the other night at Great Scott — they were awesome but I was a little bummed on the audience. Everyone seemed too chilled out for my liking. They definitely are a bit of a chill-out band but whenever I tapped my foot or nodded my head people started pushing me away like I had just started a mosh pit. It was pretty annoying. Anyway, that was fun, but Sunday night the band (who were still in town) ended up stopping by Rescue Nite and that was a blast! Everyone was crazy and drunk and dancing and good times were had by all. Rescue Nite and Rescue have both been nominated for Dig This awards and the party/announcement is next week. I’m not sure if the store is going to win because we’re in the vintage category (we don’t really sell vintage) but if Rescue Nite doesn’t win, I’m going to FREAK OUT! Our night just gets better and better every week. We play awesome music and there are always attractive and cool people in attendance. The Model fills up on other weekend nights but never with such an awesome crowd. Anyway, Paul and I are planning awesome outfits for the Dig party . . . I better be photographed in a celebratory manner and not crying over my expensive shoes and losing out to some shitty night no one has ever heard of!


Girls – Lust for Life (a Rescue Nite classic!)

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Even though I was only in NYC for one complete day, I managed to make that day as productive as possible (thanks to 5 Hour Energy, my new best friend). First, Lily and I hit up the MOMA because I had seen an article in Tokion about a new exhibit involving the No Wave music and art scene in the late 70s — one of my favorite music time-periods. I’ve read a ton of books and seen a bunch of films on this time but I can never get enough. The exhibit was fairly small but had a bunch of videos and zines and posters that I wanted to steal. After the MOMA, we had dinner and drinks at Massimo’s restaurant, Brio (a must when I am in town). Then we parted ways to get ready for the night.


To start our night off, we hit up Hugs to catch Micki’s 80s Danse Party. The music we caught was in the post-punk vein, which meshed perfectly with my day. I can never not dance to “Hungry, So Angry,” “Shack Up,” and the like. After a few shots, we cabbed to the city for Wierd.


We got to Home Sweet Home just in time for Bronze. I had heard a bunch about them and was stoked to see them play . . . they definitely lived up to the hype. Dark and weird but dancey and the singer had some sick Ian Curtis moves. After that I spent the whole night trying to take pictures with Zohra and dancing — the latter which destroyed my ankles because I was foolish/brave enough to wear those Sam Edelman boots despite knowing I would be tipsy and on the uneven rocky floor of Home Sweet Home. Oh well, it was worth it! I hadn’t been to Wierd in months and missed it so much. I’ll be back there for my birthday at the end of the month (flyer to the right if you want to come by and give me some love) . . .

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Photos by Angelique Alvarez.

I’m a little late in collecting photos of the Rescue Nite Monster Mash, but as predicted, I didn’t really bother to ask anyone to document me… instead of got tons of pictures of everyone else looking great and just a few of my insane shredded wedding down. I decided a little bit last-minute to be a Bride of Frankenstein so I shredded like mad for two days straight and ended up with this thing. It looked pretty amazing though it was super long and by the end of the night it was covered in dirt and alcohol and who knows what else. I washed it but I’m still not sure if it’s meant to be worn again. The Monster Mash was so much fun. Pictures of everyone else are on Rescue’s blog. I was so stoked to see everyone really pull out all the stops and go crazy with the costumes. I had far too much to drink and as a result ended up missing out on going to NYC for actual Halloween. No big deal though, I just trekked down on Tuesday so I could check out Hardcore Night and Wierd, both of which were awesome. Tons of updates about random stuff and info about upcoming events to be posted tomorrow, curling up in bed with my cat is calling desperately to me right now . . .