I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on November 8, 2009


Even though I was only in NYC for one complete day, I managed to make that day as productive as possible (thanks to 5 Hour Energy, my new best friend). First, Lily and I hit up the MOMA because I had seen an article in Tokion about a new exhibit involving the No Wave music and art scene in the late 70s — one of my favorite music time-periods. I’ve read a ton of books and seen a bunch of films on this time but I can never get enough. The exhibit was fairly small but had a bunch of videos and zines and posters that I wanted to steal. After the MOMA, we had dinner and drinks at Massimo’s restaurant, Brio (a must when I am in town). Then we parted ways to get ready for the night.


To start our night off, we hit up Hugs to catch Micki’s 80s Danse Party. The music we caught was in the post-punk vein, which meshed perfectly with my day. I can never not dance to “Hungry, So Angry,” “Shack Up,” and the like. After a few shots, we cabbed to the city for Wierd.


We got to Home Sweet Home just in time for Bronze. I had heard a bunch about them and was stoked to see them play . . . they definitely lived up to the hype. Dark and weird but dancey and the singer had some sick Ian Curtis moves. After that I spent the whole night trying to take pictures with Zohra and dancing — the latter which destroyed my ankles because I was foolish/brave enough to wear those Sam Edelman boots despite knowing I would be tipsy and on the uneven rocky floor of Home Sweet Home. Oh well, it was worth it! I hadn’t been to Wierd in months and missed it so much. I’ll be back there for my birthday at the end of the month (flyer to the right if you want to come by and give me some love) . . .

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