I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on November 9, 2009


Ever since Tamaryn moved to San Francisco, she’s been talking about Girls. Lately, of course, so has everyone else. I was stoked to finally see them play the other night at Great Scott — they were awesome but I was a little bummed on the audience. Everyone seemed too chilled out for my liking. They definitely are a bit of a chill-out band but whenever I tapped my foot or nodded my head people started pushing me away like I had just started a mosh pit. It was pretty annoying. Anyway, that was fun, but Sunday night the band (who were still in town) ended up stopping by Rescue Nite and that was a blast! Everyone was crazy and drunk and dancing and good times were had by all. Rescue Nite and Rescue have both been nominated for Dig This awards and the party/announcement is next week. I’m not sure if the store is going to win because we’re in the vintage category (we don’t really sell vintage) but if Rescue Nite doesn’t win, I’m going to FREAK OUT! Our night just gets better and better every week. We play awesome music and there are always attractive and cool people in attendance. The Model fills up on other weekend nights but never with such an awesome crowd. Anyway, Paul and I are planning awesome outfits for the Dig party . . . I better be photographed in a celebratory manner and not crying over my expensive shoes and losing out to some shitty night no one has ever heard of!


Girls – Lust for Life (a Rescue Nite classic!)

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