I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on December 27, 2009


Scored these studded leggings at French Connection yesterday (worn with vintage boots I rescued from the bottomless pit that is my closet). Headed to New York tomorrow for a couple of nights. I can’t wait to see Zohra, Josh and Tamaryn’s improvisational awesomness at Wierd on Wednesday, I’m sure it will go down in history like that one time the Immaculate Consumptives played . . .

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For the last few Christmases, I’ve compiled pretty huge lists of rad things (and links on where to buy them), which are then sent to my mother for her perusal. This way she still gets to feel like she is picking out my presents, but I am sure to not get something like Hello Kitty underwear. These are some of my favorite things I sent her this year — maybe I’ll get lucky and be wearing one of these on Christmas Day.

List compiled from: Pixie Market, Urban Outfitters, Kill City, Topshop & Karmaloop.

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While trolling Ebay for possible Christmas presents, I came upon this totally sick Robert Smith shirt. It’s printed on a vintage tee, though it has never been worn so I can’t say for sure if it is really vintage. I don’t really mind though, it’s obviously awesome and since it’s 50/50, I know I can wear it in eventually. In other news, I hooked myself up with some hair extensions. Almost five hours of sitting in the same chair — I was going crazy by the end of it, especially since my appointment was at 8am, totally unacceptable for a nightperson like me. I am, however, totally fucking ecstatic about them. I was insanely bummed about getting all my hair cut off and every night before falling asleep I would relive my hair trauma and imagine how much better my life would be if I could go back in time and change things . . . some people might say I am too old to be acting so ridiculous, but I think I am too old to have had to live with the consequences of my foolishness. So here I am, long-haired and happy again, though the shaved part keeps me twice as freezing on these blustery winter days.

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Trying to keep up with my plan of layering. Someone sold in this amazing motorcycle jacket-style hoodie (no label) the other day, it’s become my new winter staple (can be worn over or under anything and look perfect). Today it’s over some rad drapey cardigan I found at Beacon’s a few months ago — there’s a tag but I can’t read the brand (made in Korea though) an H&M dress and lamé leggings. Anyway yesterday I went to get my hair cleaned up and, as often happens, my ideas got a little mixed up with the stylist’s and now I’m missing the majority of my hair! I am hoping that this is the sort of situation where in a month or so it grows in perfectly and is exactly what I was hoping for, but right now I feel quite naked without my big curtain of hair. It’s really layered up though, which I wanted/needed, so it lends itself to styling better. We’ll see what happens in the near future. I’m not too worried because I’ve had plenty of shaved head phases that have tediously but eventually carried over into long hair phases, so I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel . . .

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I don’t usually get the chance to wear this gray vintage cape that I found last winter. It’s too long and crazy for mild-weather days, but not heavy enough for cold days. Since I knew I wouldn’t be outside much today while running errands and later dinner + record shopping with friends, I figured I could give this baby a chance. Glad I did . . . winter is already frustrating enough without an unfortunate coat to spoil it even more. If I could find something like this in black and with a hood, I’m pretty sure all my coat-troubles would finally be solved.

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Since part of the reason why I shaved my head was because I felt like I needed to be crazier in life, when a friend texted me that he had extra tickets to see Nitzer Ebb last night, I knew I had to get my ass up and get dressed and go. So glad I did. Not only was I in the company of some rad people, but everyone was totally feeling the music and having a fucking blast dancing around and going nuts. Nitzer Ebb were awesome — which I wasn’t completely expecting. I love their music, but they’re old so I figured it would be a bunch of boring old dudes trying to relive their youth or something. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were all hot and well-dressed, the drummers were pounding the shit out of their drums and the singer was running around, totally feeding off the crowd’s energy. And it seemed rather fitting for my shaved head’s first night out to be amongst a bunch of rivetheads.

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Well the morning has come and gone and brought with it not the slightest sense of regret. Still digging on my hair and totally psyched that it was warm today so I didn’t have to feel the winter chill on my bare skull. I wasn’t really thinking about shaving my head, though I was longing for some kind of a change with my hair. It was just seeming way too normal and boring and my bangs had been driving me crazy for a while. I sometimes read the blog of Akiko, the drummer of The Big Pink – Exceedingly Good Keex – and there have been a lot of photos of her shaving other people’s heads or them shaving hers or whatever. Anyway, I was looking at it again the other night and just started thinking about how I really needed to spice up my life and be crazier and shave my head and party all night, or something like that. So I finally just said fuck it and after thinking about it for less than twenty-four hours, put 2/3 of my hair in a ponytail and hacked off the other half. It was quite empowering in a way, watching all that long hair just fall off my head and into the sink. Besides the last few years when I have let my hair grow out and be a ‘normal’ color, I’ve always had something interesting going on, whether it was short or asymmetrical or strange colors and it always worked with my style and never made me feel like less of a woman . . . so, with that in mind, I knew I had to let go of this attachment to the long hair. I’m glad I did. I think this is going to be fun.

Besides Akiko’s blog, I was also heavily inspired by:

Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow. I love Bow Wow Wow and I love Annabella’s style from when she was in the band. It’s crazy how she was super young (15) and thought of as a sex symbol, despite having this insane hair and a pretty ‘fuck you’ attitude. I love her.


Also Alice Dellal. I don’t know much about her, but I have always admired her super grungy style and the way she perfectly balances an extremely tough/punk edge with a graceful, feminine beauty.

So there you have it. I’m sure my hair will take on a few manifestations in the coming months while I figure out exactly how I am going to wear this style and make it my own. Right now I’m just so stoked on it though, so proud of myself for taking the plunge!

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So like I texted to Massimo earlier, “Five years of normal haircuts seemed like enough.” Maybe it’s all this talk about my younger years (when I had crazy hair), but I decided to shave part of my head tonight. It felt awesome and it looks even awesomer. Though it is a little uneven but I’ll just have my brother fix it when he gets back from his vacation. Better pictures and info on my various sources of inspiration tomorrow – I was just too excited not to post it tonight.

The last time I had a shaved head (not completely, but mostly), I met up with my friend Gibby who grabbed me, licked my head and shouted “There’s nothing like a freshly shaved head!” Man, sometimes I really miss that guy.

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Last year, my birthday was terrible. I hadn’t officially moved to Boston, but I was spending a lot of time here and most of that time had been spent crashing on my brother’s couch in a small studio apartment. Later, we moved to a two bedroom and I had my own space, but I didn’t want it — I wanted to go back to New York. I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday and stayed in my Brooklyn apartment drinking wine alone for most of the evening. I met up with Massimo and he convinced me to go see Twilight, which I agreed to on the condition that I be allowed to drink much more wine in the theater. Of course, by the end of the movie I was wasted and wanted to go out so we visited Amy at K&M, but there were only a few other people there. In the end, I realized it hadn’t been that terrible, but it had been far from celebratory. So, this year when I saw that my birthday was falling on a Wednesday, I knew I had to turn it into a party. Wierd is easily and obviously one of the things I miss the most about living in New York. I had been getting into minimal synth for a while, but never had anyone to really geek out with about it all until I started going there regularly and met Pieter, Glenn and the whole crew. I know it’s boring to anyone who isn’t an obsessed music nerd, but it really is my favorite thing to talk about — not just synth, but music in general. What’s the point of acquiring all this knowledge and minutiae if I have no one to share it with? Anyway, my party killed it. Zohra made cupcakes, everyone bought me drinks, Pieter’s super high-tech fog machine was on full blast and from what I remember, I had the best time ever. Unfortunately, I drank way more than I should have so getting up the next day to cook Thanksgiving dinner for everyone was incredibly painful. Amazingly though, we pulled it off. We had dinner at Veronica’s house, with most of the food supplied by me and Amanda. The group of friends that ended up getting together was seemingly random but meshed perfectly. I love Thanksgiving when it’s like this — hanging out with friends, listening to good music and drinking wine and everyone relaxed and happy. This is why I hate spending that holiday with my family, it’s not that I hate them, but the vibe just isn’t the same. Thanksgiving night, as usual, turned into a party but again, as usual, everyone was too stuffed to go really nuts. I was supposed to leave Friday but since my brother agreed to work a bunch of days since he was about to take another vacation, I ended up staying until Monday. On Friday, Massimo and I again tortured ourselves by going to see New Moon but this time I didn’t bring nearly enough alcohol to make it interesting. The rest of my time in New York was mostly spent shopping, brunching, watching movies and just generally chilling. I came back to Boston and immediately suffered post-NYC depression, which was only mildly numbed by my second birthday party at The Model (which turned into staying up till whothefuckknowswhen). Paul and I went to see The Big Pink last night and they fucking killed it, seriously so good, especially the cover of “These Arms of Mine.” I wanted to hang out and maybe torment myself more by getting fucked up yet again but Paul wasn’t feeling the going-out-vibe since he had worked all day yesterday and had to head off to Miami today. Anyway, I’m 28 now. It’s nuts. I keep thinking about my 21st birthday, maybe because everyone I know in Boston is so young or maybe because that’s when I had been living in New York for about a year and was really starting to settle in and feel it to be my true home. I remember that I listened to It’ll End In Tears all day that day so I put it on during my drive back to Boston and as predicted, the memories came flooding back. Then I listened to A Brief History of Love for the rest of the drive because I was thinking about all of the parallels between the two albums, maybe not for everyone, but at least for me. The Big Pink are one of the only post-Ivo 4AD bands who, I think, really capture the spirit and sound originally conceived by the label. I wish I could go see them again the next two nights in NYC.

This Mortal Coil – Fond Affections


The Big Pink – Too Young To Love