I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 6, 2010


Generally, I am not much of a magazine person. The ones I like are always really expensive and the ones that are readily available are usually annoying (and almost everything is available online these days anyway). I used to read a few of the mainstream titles regularly while working at Beacon’s because the store subscribed to them, but since then I usually just read whatever my brother happens to pick up (generally things like Nylon for Guys and GQ * though he does sometimes pick up more interesting fare like V and 10 Men). Anyway, the other night while I was waiting for Cara to get out of work, I decided to treat myself to two things: vegan dinner at Wild Ginger and a fancy magazine to read whilst there. I ended up going for this issue of Man About Town ** for a few reasons, first off, obviously the awesome photo by Hedi Slimane on the cover. Secondly, the mention of Rick Owens on the front. Third, the magazine is simply beautiful. The design, layout, everything is really spectacular. I still haven’t finished reading it because it’s huge and well worth the $16 import price.

I’ve been thinking about the fact then when I do buy fancy fashion magazines, I often buy those focused on men (Fantastic Man is another favorite). It’s not that I have some subconscious misogynistic reasons, but it seems that non-mainstream men’s magazines tend to focus on designers, artists and ideas that I am more interested in.

* I would like to mention that I love reading the GQ Style Guy section because it’s written by Glenn O’Brien, who I am a huge fan of.

** Man About Town’s website seems to be down.

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