I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 8, 2010


Another thing I have failed to mention, and one which is much more exciting and emotional than those American Apparel leggings, is the fact that this 7″ finally found its way into my hands! The story is a little convoluted and begins, or at least is told, in this post I made a few months ago. As stated in that post, when my friend Frank posted this on his blog, he was contacted by someone from the band who was kind of amazed that we were going nuts over this song twenty years after its very limited release (1000 copies, one pressing). Anyway, that guy (still haven’t gotten his name, but I’m sure Frank knows it, I’ll update this when I talk to him) sent Frank TWO COPIES of the 7″ and told F to give one to me since I had turned him onto the songs. I was finally able to claim my prize last week at Wierd.

One of the interesting things about finding out about music these days is that it’s obviously really easy to use blogs or other internet resources to hear incredibly rare things that you never would have even heard of otherwise. But — and I think I speak for all record collectors when I say this — there truly is nothing like holding the actual record in your hands. I imagine it’s a somewhat lesser version of what an archaeologist feels when they find a fossil they had only ever heard of or dreamed about. You can’t believe it’s real, or that you are lucky enough to behold such a specimen! So anyway I’ve been dancing around and jumping up and down on my bed a lot, freaking out to “Fatal Day” and I can’t wait to finally DJ this song from vinyl — which I will be doing on Tuesday at Glasslands in Williamsburg.

It is times like this that I really, honestly, truly do love the internet.

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