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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on January 15, 2010


I went down to New York for my favorite type of whirlwind Tuesday/Wednesday weekend. Tuesday night I DJed the second installment of Todd and Harrison’s Tuesday Nite Disco at Glasslands. The first one was nuts and featured Salem and Gatekeeper, got written about in the NY Times and just generally created a lot of buzz. Unfortunately, I missed that one. This one, however, was SICK. My friends Led Er Est and Light Asylum played and both were totally amazing. I’ve seen Led Er Est a bunch of times, but mostly at Wierd, so it was nice to see them in a new setting. This was also the first time I had seen them since their album came out and even though the songs obviously sound amazing on it, hearing them live creates an entirely different world — one a lot darker and scarier. Light Asylum were awesome and intense, I especially loved their semi-industrial jams. Afterward, I DJed tons of synth/wave/industrial all from vinyl, which was a nice change (I mostly use mp3s at Rescue Nite). Everyone was dancing like crazy and going nuts, which is obviously the best response any DJ can ask for. The next day, I got this text from Bruno (of Light Asylum):


Everyone in New York should be sure to keep an eye on this new party because I have a feeling some awesome times will be going down in the near future and I will be making sure to hit up as many as I can.

Photos by Naomi Ramirez

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