I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in Uncategorized by Jeralyn on January 19, 2010


I don’t post enough images of my brother’s outfits. I really should because he devotes as much time as I do, but with different aspirations. Where I choose to stick to mostly black and a limited color palette and try to create different ideas/images/themes all stemming from one central look, he is always coming up with different ways to put things together which, essentially, could make him look like a completely different person except that there is always something uniquely ‘him’ to tie it all together. For instance, in this outfit he is wearing a pair of Nikes that he saw on Hypebeast and thought were amazing. He was telling me how he doesn’t usually wear Nikes, but because these had an almost construction boot look, he was into it. Then, by a random occurrence, his girlfriend found a pair of the exact sneakers in his size in the basement of her work. They were no longer on display because they only had a few pairs left so he was pretty stoked to nab them. Here he is pairing them with April 77s (his go-to jeans — he must have these in about ten different colors/styles), a vintage plaid and a vintage vest. When I first saw this look, I sort of made fun of him for going for a lumberjack theme but because of the various cuts and modern way he put it together, I actually changed my opinion to thinking that he looked pretty damn good.

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