I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on February 28, 2010


Stepping slightly outside my comfort zone today to wear this red vintage tunic over my sort-of-favorite new item of clothing: black denim leggings. I refuse to call them “jeggings” because my brain, like yours, is advanced enough to understand the concept of denim leggings without having to refer to it as a supposedly easier to conceive of and horribly named different item. Using that word is like using “Brangelina” or “Speidi” — something that instantly reminds me of everything I hate about modern culture, instead of all the things I love. Moving on, there are some issues with these things (they’re from Urban Outfitters), but overall they solve the problem of finding skinny-enough jeans, which is always a task for a non-skinny girl like myself. For some reason, a lot of brands either think that girls like me don’t want skinny jeans, or once they get to a higher waist size, they increase the size of the ankle opening which is horrifying to me. I might have a bigger waist, but I don’t have gigantic ankles that can’t fit into your average stretch denim. I have, over the years, found appropriate jeans that meet my various criteria but they always end up getting discontinued as trends change — even though my taste stays the same. So, for now, these will do.

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on February 26, 2010


Justin was over last night and through a roundabout conversation, we ended up at the fact that I really need to acquire some flat shoes. When I worked at Beacon’s, I had tons of flat shoes because I had to stand up for about 10 hours a day on a concrete floor and it was simply not possible to wear any sort of heel. These days, my flat collection has seriously dwindled. I recently threw out a bunch of vintage flat boots because the soles were coming off and it just seemed pointless to fix them — if they cost between $20-40 each, that would add up pretty fast. Instead, I’ve been thinking about getting something new. Justin and I were perusing various websites, trying to find something that was both cool, stylish without being overtly trendy and interesting without being too much. In the end, we decided upon “the original” — Underground Winklepickers. We were going back and forth between the different styles, but ended up choosing this Western Buckle Boot for a few reasons: 1, I liked the height of it (more of an ankle boot than a shoe boot); 2, we thought the buckles were cool without looking cheap; 3, it reminded us of something Justin coined as “Desert Goth.” I took the plunge and I’m excited to get these boots. Below are images of The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Southern Death Cult and Sex Gang Children — all of whom perfectly exemplify the Desert Goth look . . .

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One of my bestest friends, Cara, is featured in Time Out this week as one of the “most stylish New Yorkers.” I’ve mentioned Cara a lot but there aren’t many pictures of her because she is totally against ever having her picture taken. I had to badger her into actually going to this Time Out photoshoot, but I’m glad she did! I clicked through the “most stylish New Yorkers” and I gotta say, some of them seem like a total flop. I won’t name any names, but if these are the most stylish people in one of the most vibrant cities in the world . . . well, we have a problem. Luckily, Cara clearly has the best style out of everyone listed. And for anyone wondering, this truly is how she dresses all the time. Believe me, I worked with her for years, have traveled all over with her (around the US and Europe) and hung with her day and night for the past five years and she is one of the most interesting and meticulously dressed people I have ever met.

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I don’t usually do prints — shocking, I’m sure. But I’ve always loved this American Apparel tribal print and have worn this tank top probably too many times in the past. Today I’m wearing it with an Ann Demeulemeester cardigan that I was psyched to score at Beacon’s last time I was in New York. The cotton is tissue thin and the cardigan itself is overly long with an asymmetrical drape. I buttoned it up and wore it out as a dress and loved it that way too. Anyway, the reason for the clashing prints is these Jefferey Campbell wedges that have been stuck in my head since I saw them on Dirty Flaws. I can’t figure out if I should take the plunge and acquire them for a couple reasons: 1, I recently got rid of almost every non-black pair of shoes I owned because I realized they had just been collecting dust in the back of my closet. 2, I am not really into wedges. I’ve tried them — multiple times. Even today I tried on a pair to wear with this outfit, but as usual, I had the same feeling of unease. I think it’s because wedges make my feet look really small which seems totally out of proportion with the rest of my body. I’m really torn though because I’m envisioning so many awesome summer looks that would really benefit from some insane tribalness on my stems. We’ll see.

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I don’t know, maybe this is my year or something. I’ve got all these projects going and I’m psyched about each one for different reasons but I think it’s pretty safe to say that my burgeoning cross-continental synthesizer experiment with Carlos is going to be the fucking BEST . . . (all kinds of awesome information regarding this venture forthcoming . . .)

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I finally jumped on the matte nailpolish bandwagon. I have been using MAC make up for about ten years, but I primarily use the foundation and acquire eyeshadows and lipsticks here and there. I was in there the other day picking up my Studio Fix and I saw that they had a few matte shades out. The black was tempting, but this awesome purpley taupe was really calling my name. So far, pretty stoked about it, we’ll see how fast it chips off though (don’t currently have a matte topcoat). This color is part of a “rock goddess” collection, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was so drawn to it . . . check it out here. (Note: I would not identify myself as a “rock goddess” but I think it’s pretty obvious that music is the number one influence on my style.)

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Recent additions to my room . . .

The first is a palmistry hand, similar to the one on the cover of Thelema (sorry, the MCD-loving will be going on for a while still). I’ve draped some jewelry over it, including the new “favorite things” necklace I made the other day. I finally found an amazingly long chain to stick all this stuff on . . . charms included are: an old skeleton key from Necromance in LA, a charm my parents got me in Mexico (says my initials in the Mayan alphabet), “blue apples” from Andrew, small Rogues Gallery charm form Justin and some Alex & Chloe charms from Rescue.

The skull is actually a wine stopper, but I am way too nervous about it getting smashed to use it as such. So I stuck it in a jar with some sprouting plants.

Still working my ass off on a few projects. Excited to announce them, hopefully by the end of the month!

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Posted in Uncategorized by Jeralyn on February 15, 2010


This is a visual diary of Friday/Saturday . . . Friday night, Cara and I met up with Matt at the Mars Bar — which was, for many years, my home away from home.


That’s because Amy used to love spending all of her time there and I would join her. We would stay there all night long, playing Birthday Party songs on the jukebox and drinking too much. We’d leave around 5am and go wherever because, even though Amy had to work at 9am and I was in college, she’d always say some brilliant thing like, “We don’t have to be anywhere for four more hours! Do you know how much stuff could happen between now and then?” Now she works at the Mars Bar, so even though she still says brilliant things like that, she doesn’t usually have to be anywhere until 8pm.


So, as usual, I stayed out all night thanks to Amy. We all ended up at one of the fancy condos taking over the Mars Bar’s neighborhood. It was sort of like fraternizing with the enemy. Massimo finally got his shit together to come get me around 5:30am, which was a good thing because I was falling asleep on a stranger’s counter top. The next day I attempted to meet up with most of the same crew, but due to the late night gallivanting, we didn’t have “breakfast” until about 5pm. Then we walked through the freezing cold to Academy and made fun of Matt for having such a small bike.


When I got back to Massimo’s, I had to take a brief nap under his leather jacket before getting ready to go out again because . . .


The Murder City Devils were playing!! It was obviously sick. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the crowd since I knew the show was going to be 16+, but I was happy to see that it was all old degenerates like myself, covered in shitty tattoos, pounding shots of whiskey and ignoring the opening band. At one point I told Massimo that “the guy in the jean jacket is hot.” Then I realized that everyone there had on a jean jacket . . . or a leather one. And that’s when I got really excited.


Zack hooked me up with a VIP pass that didn’t really allow me to do anything except hang out on the mezzanine, but that was still pretty cool because there were about ten different pits happening on the floor and I was wearing crazy shoes, of course. As we were leaving, those crazy shoes ended up getting completely trashed and becoming unwearable (Fuck you, Topshop!). Anyway, the band really killed it. I mean, everyone was just going nuts freaking out to these songs we’ve loved so much over such a long time . . . I could’ve easily watched them for a few more hours and if they come back to the east coast, I will definitely be there again!


Anyway, because of the broken shoes, I had to go back to Massimo’s to change. We brought Andrew with us and woke upIlirjana so we could force her to party with us briefly.


After much jumping up and down on the bed, I somehow, through my miracle powers of persuasion, I convinced Massimo to go to Bushwick with me to catch the end of a mostly minimal electronics show. We got there in time for Head Trip Conception and I loved their ebm-ish jams and danced around the entire time and then even more to Frankie Teardrop and Niteline’s DJ sets. Finally, it was time to call it a night. Well, sort of. I met back up with Massimo, stayed up late making fun of whatever was on tv, then got up, packed the ridiculous amount of clothes and records I acquired in my short visit, headed to Penn Station, waited for a train that was running late, got back to Boston, changed, and went out for Rescue Nite. Needless to say, I need a rest.

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This is one of those “we’re extinguished but we’re still alive” posts (to quote my favorite OMD song). I’ve been in the middle of something that is consuming pretty much every free second I have and it’s hard to step back and think about all of the other stuff I am supposed to focus my attention on. At a time like this, I find that I always turn to a type of clothing which is as close as I will ever come to wearing pajamas out in public: this drapy French Connection tunic over a pair of pleather leggings and unseen Zara over-the-knee boots. These Zara boots have really turned around for me — originally they were horribly painful and I hardly ever wore them out of the house. Then, for some reason, I decided to give them another chance and I guess they’ve been breaking in because now they are my go-to shoes every day. I should be able to announce my big project in a couple more weeks and I am going to New York on Wednesday (DJing at Wierd — come by and say hi!) for the rest of the week, so hopefully something more interesting than my wearing “sophisticated pajamas” at a coffee shop will occur.