I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in Uncategorized by Jeralyn on February 15, 2010


This is a visual diary of Friday/Saturday . . . Friday night, Cara and I met up with Matt at the Mars Bar — which was, for many years, my home away from home.


That’s because Amy used to love spending all of her time there and I would join her. We would stay there all night long, playing Birthday Party songs on the jukebox and drinking too much. We’d leave around 5am and go wherever because, even though Amy had to work at 9am and I was in college, she’d always say some brilliant thing like, “We don’t have to be anywhere for four more hours! Do you know how much stuff could happen between now and then?” Now she works at the Mars Bar, so even though she still says brilliant things like that, she doesn’t usually have to be anywhere until 8pm.


So, as usual, I stayed out all night thanks to Amy. We all ended up at one of the fancy condos taking over the Mars Bar’s neighborhood. It was sort of like fraternizing with the enemy. Massimo finally got his shit together to come get me around 5:30am, which was a good thing because I was falling asleep on a stranger’s counter top. The next day I attempted to meet up with most of the same crew, but due to the late night gallivanting, we didn’t have “breakfast” until about 5pm. Then we walked through the freezing cold to Academy and made fun of Matt for having such a small bike.


When I got back to Massimo’s, I had to take a brief nap under his leather jacket before getting ready to go out again because . . .


The Murder City Devils were playing!! It was obviously sick. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the crowd since I knew the show was going to be 16+, but I was happy to see that it was all old degenerates like myself, covered in shitty tattoos, pounding shots of whiskey and ignoring the opening band. At one point I told Massimo that “the guy in the jean jacket is hot.” Then I realized that everyone there had on a jean jacket . . . or a leather one. And that’s when I got really excited.


Zack hooked me up with a VIP pass that didn’t really allow me to do anything except hang out on the mezzanine, but that was still pretty cool because there were about ten different pits happening on the floor and I was wearing crazy shoes, of course. As we were leaving, those crazy shoes ended up getting completely trashed and becoming unwearable (Fuck you, Topshop!). Anyway, the band really killed it. I mean, everyone was just going nuts freaking out to these songs we’ve loved so much over such a long time . . . I could’ve easily watched them for a few more hours and if they come back to the east coast, I will definitely be there again!


Anyway, because of the broken shoes, I had to go back to Massimo’s to change. We brought Andrew with us and woke upIlirjana so we could force her to party with us briefly.


After much jumping up and down on the bed, I somehow, through my miracle powers of persuasion, I convinced Massimo to go to Bushwick with me to catch the end of a mostly minimal electronics show. We got there in time for Head Trip Conception and I loved their ebm-ish jams and danced around the entire time and then even more to Frankie Teardrop and Niteline’s DJ sets. Finally, it was time to call it a night. Well, sort of. I met back up with Massimo, stayed up late making fun of whatever was on tv, then got up, packed the ridiculous amount of clothes and records I acquired in my short visit, headed to Penn Station, waited for a train that was running late, got back to Boston, changed, and went out for Rescue Nite. Needless to say, I need a rest.

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