I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on February 28, 2010


Stepping slightly outside my comfort zone today to wear this red vintage tunic over my sort-of-favorite new item of clothing: black denim leggings. I refuse to call them “jeggings” because my brain, like yours, is advanced enough to understand the concept of denim leggings without having to refer to it as a supposedly easier to conceive of and horribly named different item. Using that word is like using “Brangelina” or “Speidi” — something that instantly reminds me of everything I hate about modern culture, instead of all the things I love. Moving on, there are some issues with these things (they’re from Urban Outfitters), but overall they solve the problem of finding skinny-enough jeans, which is always a task for a non-skinny girl like myself. For some reason, a lot of brands either think that girls like me don’t want skinny jeans, or once they get to a higher waist size, they increase the size of the ankle opening which is horrifying to me. I might have a bigger waist, but I don’t have gigantic ankles that can’t fit into your average stretch denim. I have, over the years, found appropriate jeans that meet my various criteria but they always end up getting discontinued as trends change — even though my taste stays the same. So, for now, these will do.

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