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I sort of owe Justin this post because he claims that I once passive aggressively dissed his vintage Van Halen t-shirt in another post . . . but I honestly can’t remember that at all. Anyway, I am totally obsessed with his jacket!! He found it at a Salvation Army and it already had a Van Halen patch on the back, but rather than stick with that (because, let’s face it, while the t-shirt might be cool — a light denim jacket with a Van Halen patch reeks way too much of our home state New Hampshire), he added this Rogues Gallery Salem patch. I think it looks amazing. I also think that the RG patch is supposed to be for Salem, MA and it would probably be better for both my and Justin’s images if we were from Salem, MA (the witch town) instead of Salem, NH (the tax free strip mall), but them’s the breaks.

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I know a lot of people, myself included, are always harping on technology and modern times and how we’re losing all of these amazing forms of interaction we used to rely on . . . but I can’t help how I feel. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of mixtapes from my youth. I was reorganizing some stuff in my room and came across a shoebox full of tapes which I’ve carried around with me for a number of years. I’m not sure exactly why these specific tapes made it into this box — I can’t remember if there are others hidden away at my parents’ house that survived all the years of endless playing in my old car or if these are all that I have left. I would like to say that all of them have some level of emotional significance, but that’s not true either. Some of them I don’t know if I even really listened to in the past. But I am listening to them now. And it’s a funny thing, to put yourself in someone else’s hands, without them there to explain to you what you’re supposed to be getting through these songs. Besides Justin, I’m not in touch with any of these tape-makers anymore. Some of them were once great friends, some were brief or attempted romances, some just feel like fog on a distant sea when I try to recall any sort of connection. It reminds me very much of the song, “O Pamela,” by The Wake: “And though the feelings change, the words still sound the same.” Despite not knowing what anyone meant with these tapes or what they think of me now, or what I think of all of this, I can still garner some intense emotional response to 90 minutes of scratchy songs blended especially for me (like the Nation of Ulysses song, “Shakedown,”: “90 minutes is all the time it takes to make you mine.”) It’s a thrill, an exhilaration followed by an intense sadness and longing. For what, I’m not sure. It feels both good and bad, both strange and familiar to listen to these songs. It reminds me of myself and other people and other songs and other things. Like the essay “Heroin/e” by Cheryl Strayed, “It’s so strange to think of listening to that same song now. I would never have known.” It’s so strange to think of someone sitting there, in their bedroom, records piled all around, pressing record and stop over and over again and trying to convey something to you, wherever you may be. I can remember myself doing that a million times. A few years ago I got a MySpace message from an internet friend I had lost touch with. She wanted to thank me for the tape I sent her (which, for some completely unknown reason, I can clearly remember the cover of) which had changed and helped form her taste in music. These marks we leave on others and on our own lives and how it just passes in and out and we never realize. Perhaps that’s what I am feeling, maybe that’s why it feels good and bad at the same time. To quote Joan Didion, as I so, so often do:

Some time later there was a song in the jukeboxes on the Upper East Side that went “but where is the schoolgirl who used to be me,” and if it was late enough at night I used to wonder that. I know now that almost everyone wonders something like that, sooner or later and no matter what he or she is doing, but one of the mixed blessings of being twenty and twenty-one and even twenty-three is the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, has ever happened to anyone before.

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Of course, what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway in warmer climes was stressful in its own right (flight delays there and back). Thankfully ? – it’s prompted me to cancel any attempts at leaving town for a month or two. I need a break from being pulled in every possible direction. Hopefully I can convince some friends to come up and visit . . . the changing weather should help me, since — despite any of its downfalls — Boston can really be quite beautiful in the right light. And if I can’t convince anyone, there’s about a million things looming on the horizon, all begging to be completed as soon as is humanly possible. And so, off to work I go.

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A serious highlight of this New York excursion was being able to witness Little Victory’s first show. This band features my dear friend Massimo and his bandmate Kelly from Love or Perish and their friends Zan and Daniel. I’ve been hearing iPhone recordings of their practices and Massimo’s relentless bass-plucking for months now, so I was super excited to finally see them play live . . . and they killed it! For a first show, it was quite impressive. There’s really nowhere to go but up . . . and I can’t wait to see how it goes. Please note that almost all of the band were wearing Yes Homo shirts printed by Sara. They were a big hit at the show, though I suppose that’s an obvious observation since the night is called Queers, Beers and Rears.

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My old roommate and former co-worker Sara has a screenprinting company which she runs out of her apartment (the one I briefly lived in). Since we are pals and I will be helping her out with some stuff in the future, she helped me out by screening some stuff I needed for one of my projects. I was super excited about this because it’s so close to completion now! This night was all about bartering. Sara printed for me and gave me a pair of sick shoes she found at work and I helped her out with web stuff and shredded her a shirt ‘while-u-wait’ style. I’m taking off to Florida for a few days to visit my mom but when I am back, I will finally finally be launching this project for all the world to see and hopefully it goes over well because I have devoted serious time and energy to it!

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A little bit about what I’ll be getting up to while in New York this week. Tonight is yet another awesome installment of Todd & Harrison’s Tuesday Nite Disco. This one is featuring Living Days. Wednesday is, of course, Wierd. I will be DJing with Sarah from Killing Spree (LA) and Frank Alpine is playing live.

Friday Xeno & Oaklander, Led Er Est and Frank Alpine are playing at Cameo Gallery, with Sarah DJing again…. and there is this awesome True Panther Sounds event at Monster Island… I will be trying to squeeze in both of these after Lauren Devine’s birthday party.

And Saturday, Massimo’s new band Little Victory will be playing their first show at QxBxRx at Cake Shop. Overall, this should be a pretty jam-packed week, especially with all the unmentioned daytime activities I am hoping to squeeze in. I will probably disappear from this space until I get back, but I am sure there will be a lot of photo-heavy updates upon my return.