I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Sunday night my brother bought me a tattoo I’ve been wanting for a while. This is the first tattoo I’ve had not done by a friend (drunk or otherwise) or from the $13-Friday-the-13th-flash in years . . . and I love it. Zack says that anyone who gets tattoos with “meaning” is a liar or a loser or lame (or something like that, he said this years ago and I think we were drunk), so I’ll just leave you with the inspiration:


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I recently read the book This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin. I picked the book up a while ago at Penn Station — when I was living in New York and would take the train home to visit my family, I always preferred plowing through a book to listening to music or watching a movie. Anyway, for some reason, I never actually read the book until recently but when I finally got through it, it was really an enjoyable read. It definitely raised more questions than it provided answers but it definitely got my mind working . . . one point in the book that is pretty mind-boggling when you actually think about it is the human capability of recognizing and remembering “hundreds, if not thousands” of voices. I have a thing with memories and the mind and music. I can remember a lot of stuff — people are always making fun of me for retaining what seems to them to be completely trivial or pointless information. I can almost always remember things exactly how they happened and I can remember what feels like millions of songs and bands and singer’s voices without even thinking about it. At my old work, whenever anyone had a question about what was playing, they’d usually ask me before even bothering to go check the stereo. Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me. The point is that today I was listening to Bat For Lashes’ first album for the first time and this song, “Trophy” stuck out in my mind. I knew that male voice, even though I could only hear a few words coming from it. I couldn’t place it, so I googled and discovered it was Josh T. Pearson — an artist I am not even really familiar with, but know one song from a compilation my friend Olli put out and gave me last time I was in Berlin. Ever since reading this book all the connections my brain makes in the span of a few seconds have really started to astound me — just thinking about how much work is involved in getting that little imaginary lightbulb to flick on above our brains.

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The above photos are remnants of a very busy going-out schedule. Friends from New York have been all up in Boston the past week and it’s been insanely fun but also completely draining. Wednesday Holy Hail opened up for Florence & The Machine at The Paradise. Cat’s an old friend so the band decided to crash at our place after the show. Despite our ambivalent party attitude, we still managed to stay up until the wee hours of the morning just talking shit and drinking Jameson in the kitchen. Thursday Rescue Nite had one of it’s “off nites” which doubled as Nick’s birthday party. Friday, Massimo’s new band Little Victory played their second show ever in Somerville. Three-fourths of the band crashed with me for two nights and two-fourths of the band got Pansy Twist tattooed on them. Sunday, after getting a little drunk at brunch with Massimo, I attempted to clean the house and then immediately went back out for Rescue Nite. I ended up staying out far too late/early and then slept all day Monday instead of going to Ikea like I had planned. Monday night, Titus Andronicus were in town and I know Ian through my old roommate Sara (he works for her) so, he stopped by the store and then later I headed over to Great Scott to see his band play. I know their music but I had never seen them before and I have to say, they totally killed it! The crowd were going insane, singing along to every song and just generally going crazy but in the best way. I don’t know Ian that well, but it still made me proud to see people responding so awesomely to something a friend is doing. And now it’s Tuesday and I am determined to not do anything exciting until the next Rescue Nite because these old bones can’t handle all of this. I just want to curl up with my cat and watch bad tv until my brain resets itself and my eyes don’t feel so heavy.

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There’s something about a man in a suit. If it fits properly and is adorned with the right accessories, it can really be perfect for any occasion. My love of men in suits probably started at some point when I was in high school — obsessing over Nation of Ulysses and The Make Up. Justin and I bought matching tight black pants which we hemmed even tighter at the ankles and we worked really hard to imitate Ian Svenonious, Michelle Mae & co. because, basically, they looked so fucking badass. When I see pictures of the way they dressed back then, I can still feel the cool emanating from them. The suit-love really came to fruition during my early Nick Cave years though. Nick Cave is old and can has definitely lost a little of his edge, but the suits . . . ah, the suits, they really keep it all together. I adore a wild, mismatched look, I really do — but sometimes a man in a suit really just looks like he’s got it under control.

The above picture is of my friends Chris and Nick at Nick’s birthday party the other night. I don’t know where Chris’ suit is from but Nick’s three-piece suit and shirt were custom made by Against Nature in New York. I haven’t been to check it out yet but I hear it’s kind of amazing. Even if a suit isn’t custom made, I think it should definitely be tailored after buying so that it fits perfectly. That’s really the something that gives the suit-wearer his edge.

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I’ve been really digging this band since Justin played me some of their songs. Good summer night time music, which I’m ready for, even if it isn’t here yet. I’ve been so busy lately but don’t really have anything to show for it . . . I recently finished redesigning the Rescue website, plus we’re scouting new locations (hopefully moving in the next few months) — so excited to change things up a bit. I’ve also been working on the Black † Cross store, doing a few projects here and there for friends and, as always, trying to finish up the Wierd Invitation Archive . . . reading a lot, redecorating my apartment, throwing out about half of my clothes (well, not into the trash, but you know) . . . basically busy with changes, lots of changes. I haven’t had much to say in this forum but that doesn’t mean that nothing’s going on. Hopefully I’ll have some evidence in the near future.