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I recently read the book This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin. I picked the book up a while ago at Penn Station — when I was living in New York and would take the train home to visit my family, I always preferred plowing through a book to listening to music or watching a movie. Anyway, for some reason, I never actually read the book until recently but when I finally got through it, it was really an enjoyable read. It definitely raised more questions than it provided answers but it definitely got my mind working . . . one point in the book that is pretty mind-boggling when you actually think about it is the human capability of recognizing and remembering “hundreds, if not thousands” of voices. I have a thing with memories and the mind and music. I can remember a lot of stuff — people are always making fun of me for retaining what seems to them to be completely trivial or pointless information. I can almost always remember things exactly how they happened and I can remember what feels like millions of songs and bands and singer’s voices without even thinking about it. At my old work, whenever anyone had a question about what was playing, they’d usually ask me before even bothering to go check the stereo. Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me. The point is that today I was listening to Bat For Lashes’ first album for the first time and this song, “Trophy” stuck out in my mind. I knew that male voice, even though I could only hear a few words coming from it. I couldn’t place it, so I googled and discovered it was Josh T. Pearson — an artist I am not even really familiar with, but know one song from a compilation my friend Olli put out and gave me last time I was in Berlin. Ever since reading this book all the connections my brain makes in the span of a few seconds have really started to astound me — just thinking about how much work is involved in getting that little imaginary lightbulb to flick on above our brains.

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  1. amyk said, on April 21, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    i thought/think i remembered it was you who told me about josh t. pearson a few years back, post berlin.

    also, for you: barry hannah – “Sometimes you don’t want to arrange your memory. I love the pure chaos of it and just the reverie of it for its own sake. I think that is what a writer has: a better memory than most people, or at least a more sensual memory. Language and memory are what it is all about.”

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