I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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I went to New York for a few days to pick up the new Rescue shirts (printed by Kingsland Printing!), briefly hang out with friends and go to Wierd, of course. As usual, I stopped in at Beacon’s and blew a bunch of money. My amazing friends there put this incredible Thomas Wylde bag on hold for me and even though we all decided it is completely impractical, I had to buy it anyway. First of all, at $84.95, it was an insane steal at about 1/30th of the original cost. Secondly, I have a serious affinity for this brand, though I don’t own that much by them — another purse with brass skulls all over it (but it’s tan so I never use it) and a scarf with their signature skull print. I know it can be perceived as cheesy, but whatever, I find it hard not to love all the “classic” dark things — leather, skulls, studs, etc. Anyway, this bag rules. It has two huge flaps on either side and it also unzips in the middle to unfold sort of like a garment bag. There is a gigantic shoulder strap and some silver skulls dangling off of leather straps. Honestly, the thing weighs about thirty pounds when it’s empty so whether or not I will ever truly use this remains to be seen but still, I am incredibly excited to add it to my collection.

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I couldn’t really decide if I was going to get into wedges or not, but I decided to buy a pair from Topshop anyway to see how it went. Turns out, I love them. They’re crazy comfortable and I love being almost six feet tall. So, of course, now I’m itching for more. Topshop shoes are a good choice for me because they’re always stylish, usually comfortable and good quality (minus that one Christopher Kane pair I bought that ripped apart immediately) and they’re within my budget. I think these are the three best black wedges on their site right now (I have a couple pairs of shoes that aren’t black, but not many) and I’m really torn. The wooden heel ones are kind of calling to me because they seem so perfectly goth-summery. But will I keep wearing them in the fall? Hard to say . . . The middle pair are next in line because I can totally see them working pretty much all year. The pair on the right are obviously rad but really close to the pair I already own . . . Choices!!

And to go with these amazing shoes and because World Goth Day is tomorrow, here’s one of my favorite summer goth songs:

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Lately, I have been thinking about variations on a theme. A lot of the clothes/shoes/accessories I own basically look the same but have minor differences which make them all essential to my wardrobe. These, however, are the only actual duplicates I own: a black and a grey version of the same KA7 dress (the grey one was found on the sale rack at Barney’s, the black one was found at Beacon’s) and a grey, white and black version of the same Norma Kamali for Everlast cardigan (grey and white found at Beacon’s, black one found at Rescue). Both of these garments are timeless styles for me. The Norma Kamali cardigan literally goes with everything I wear and is the perfect layering piece in almost any kind of weather. Having it in these three colors that I wear most often is essential to my sanity — I can grab any one of them and it will work. The KA7 dress works in almost the same way. I have worn it as a dress, a shirt, a tunic — over and under a variety of looks. I had the grey one for a year or two before a friend found the black one for me at Beacon’s. Both are in constant rotation.

A lot of my friends rag on me for constantly wearing/having things that look exactly the same. Mostly people remark on my shoes which are 90% black and almost all some sort of ankle boot/open-toe/wedge hybrid. They honestly are all different though, all with varying levels of comfort and design which complement diverse outfits. I like having a wardrobe built around these principles because it really helps me get a lot of wear out of my clothes. When I worked at Beacon’s, I had so much stuff constantly at my fingertips that I could buy all kinds of insane shit while thinking, “Maybe one day I’ll find a reason to wear this.” Years after leaving that job, I don’t really have the luxury to waste money on something that I won’t really wear a lot.

On an unrelated note, things are going really great at the new Rescue. We’ve been so busy and it’s awesome but it’s definitely a change from sitting around looking at blogs and updating mine all day long. Also a friend broke my camera (seriously I shouldn’t be around any electronics, ever) but I plan on getting it fixed this week . . .

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I’m very excited that tonight I will be starting my first coldwave/minimal synth night in Boston. Fans in the area of the music I usually post should definitely come by and check it out! Not sure yet if it’s going to become a monthly or a random event, but I will post the outcome here, naturally.

A little sampling of what you’ll be hearing tonight . . .




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I picked up this asymmetrical dress from H&M a few months ago but the weather hasn’t really been right for it until today. When it comes to places like H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc, I always think it’s best to buy the most interesting basics I can find. This way they can easily blend in with the rest of my wardrobe without marking me as an obvious shopper at any one store. This dress is perfect for that. One sleeve is a normal short-sleeve and the other hangs down past my elbow and is part of a whole extra piece of fabric that hangs down a few inches longer than the other side. I ended up buying the dress a few sizes too small because I didn’t want it to be too tent-like. The best part about it is that it was on sale for about $15 but paired with the right accessories it can easily look like some of the much more expensive pieces I am often eying at stores like Oak.

I recently ordered the nude thigh high leggings from Babooshka (full post on them later) and this gray turban headwrap surprised me by showing up in my package! It’s actually completely perfect since I recently took out my hair extensions and am trying to grow out my shaved part and headbands have become a necessity during this venture.

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Now that I work on Newbury Street, I get to take my breaks on a street full of other stores which will eventually end up being bad for my wallet but currently it’s such a novel idea that I’m loving it. Today I stopped into the newly opened All Saints. I’m pretty excited about this opening because Boston is sorely lacking when it comes to the cool but not super expensive clothing department. A quick perusal led me to realize that I will be back shortly for some shoes, a couple dresses and maybe a leather jacket when I have some serious extra cash lying around. But for today, I couldn’t resist this shirt. I have an ever-growing collection of t-shirts but most of them are for sleeping in and I don’t own many blouses with graphic prints. Originally I was drawn to the shape of this shirt (I’m a serious sucker for white drapey things) and when I saw the back, I caved even though I realize it could be perceived as slightly cheesy. In case you can’t read, it’s the lyrics to “Search and Destroy” half backwards and all in different font sizes. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I thought that was a really novel idea. And cheesy or not, I’m super excited to throw caution to the wind and pair this with some lace leggings on a hot summer day.

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Josh T. Pearson – The Clash

I think it’s easy to understand why I couldn’t forget this voice.

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This is just a temporary post with a bad iPhone picture to show what I have been doing and why I have been absent: my store Rescue moved locations! We went from a big space that was out of the way to a smaller (but very cute) spot on Newbury Street which, if you don’t live in Boston and don’t know, is basically the main shopping district of the entire city. We are so insanely excited. And tired. Very, very tired. We tied up all of our loose ends the third week of April, then we shut down our old space, worked a million hours a day to move everything over here and set it up (with the help of some friends — thanks Shawn, Chris & Nick). I literally can’t believe we managed to get it all together in one week. I need a full night of sleep so badly and I am in dire need of some coffee but yesterday there was a water main break in Boston and basically the whole city is out of drinking water until it gets fixed. Starbucks instant coffee mixed with bottled water didn’t really do it for me today. Anyway, I plan on editing this post later and adding some real photos (before & after) and photos of the old space. But right now I have about a million other things I need to do. Regular updates to resume this week . . .


Edit: Here are some before pictures of the new space (though they were taken after we painted the ceilings and part of the walls, which is really unfortunate because those ceilings were ugly!–yellow and green) . . .


And here are some pictures of how it looks now, though we are still making a few changes and adding things. Please note the rack of shredded shirts I am selling! $40 each. New styles will be up online soon, I’ve been trying to get things going with this but it seems to be taking forever . . .