I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on May 2, 2010


This is just a temporary post with a bad iPhone picture to show what I have been doing and why I have been absent: my store Rescue moved locations! We went from a big space that was out of the way to a smaller (but very cute) spot on Newbury Street which, if you don’t live in Boston and don’t know, is basically the main shopping district of the entire city. We are so insanely excited. And tired. Very, very tired. We tied up all of our loose ends the third week of April, then we shut down our old space, worked a million hours a day to move everything over here and set it up (with the help of some friends — thanks Shawn, Chris & Nick). I literally can’t believe we managed to get it all together in one week. I need a full night of sleep so badly and I am in dire need of some coffee but yesterday there was a water main break in Boston and basically the whole city is out of drinking water until it gets fixed. Starbucks instant coffee mixed with bottled water didn’t really do it for me today. Anyway, I plan on editing this post later and adding some real photos (before & after) and photos of the old space. But right now I have about a million other things I need to do. Regular updates to resume this week . . .


Edit: Here are some before pictures of the new space (though they were taken after we painted the ceilings and part of the walls, which is really unfortunate because those ceilings were ugly!–yellow and green) . . .


And here are some pictures of how it looks now, though we are still making a few changes and adding things. Please note the rack of shredded shirts I am selling! $40 each. New styles will be up online soon, I’ve been trying to get things going with this but it seems to be taking forever . . .

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