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Recently I caught some flak from a few friends for saying that I was happy I hadn’t bothered to try to go see PIL when they were on tour. One of the main reasons for not going was because — despite my love for so much music from the past — I often avoid reunion shows, or just bigger shows in general. (Of course there are some exceptions to this rule, i.e. Nick Cave, but anyway –) My reasons are thus: a huge part of what I enjoy about music, the scene, etc. is the whole act of “being there.” Being involved, seeing shows, discovering something new, hanging out with bands afterward, meeting new people, buying merch . . . all of it. Unfortunately, this type of atmosphere is often lost at a huge show where everyone already knows all the songs and knows that they like them and isn’t really expecting to see or hear anything new or interesting. I suppose that this can have its moments (for instance, I had a blast at the MCD show and there is always the aforementioned Nick Cave) but a lot of times it feels too stale for me — too disconnected. Most of the time I would rather see some new band who is still figuring shit out because it’s just so much more exciting.

So, when Carlos asked me if I would be checking out the Blessure Grave shows in New York and if the band could borrow my microkorg, even though I had just gotten back from there, I knew I had to go back. And I couldn’t be happier that I did. I was already a huge fan and they totally killed it both nights. The first show was at Santo’s with Passions and White Ring opening. I hadn’t seen either band before and both were awesome. The second show was at Bruar Falls again with Passions and my friends Led Er Est. It’s just fucking FUN to be around people who are doing something cool and who are awesome and talented and interesting. It’s the thing I miss most about New York. Even though there is obviously a music scene in Boston, there is nothing happening up here that I am really interested in so most of my show-going involves seeing touring bands which is fine, but not as fun as it was in New York. My whole life in New York was based around music: where I worked, where I hung out, what I wore, where I ate, where I lived, where I shopped . . . everyone I knew was involved in music in some way and we were all always around each other being supportive and creative and cool. Whenever I get the chance to go back and be a part of that, I have to take it. Go see Blessure Grave if they areplaying near you. Be a part of what’s happening NOW.


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