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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on June 29, 2010


“The word ‘cold’ is quite complex in describing this music, for apart from the sounds, as an adjective it more importantly has always suggested to me more the artist’s fragile emotional states while producing it, and the accordant fact that it sounds so direct and unmediated in production, its very private and humanly ‘warm’ through its metallic, icy sounds. In other words ‘Cold’ to me has always suggested more something akin to sensitized and vulnerable – as in being strip searched and laid bare on the ice, not what one would on first glance at the word assume to sound guarded or detached.”

As is often stated, I love Pieter Schoolwerth. I loved him from afar for a number of years when I attended Wierd at Southside Lounge without knowing him and I have loved him openly since officially meeting him about three years ago after Wierd moved to Home Sweet Home. I love him for many reasons, the main one being his open and honest commitment this music that I can’t live without, followed secondly by his sincere dedication to creating a scene around it — a scene which truly feels like home to me, and has since I fist encountered it. The first night I met Pieter, he introduced me to every single person at Wierd so that I would always have a friend and be able to come even if no one wanted to go with me. The next day he came into my work and gave me a package with fourteen mix cd’s and all the records he had put out at that point. He did this simply because I am a fan of the music which he holds dear and he wanted to share it with me and open my mind to things I would have no way of finding out about otherwise. There are not many people I have met who would be so open and giving about something so precious — most people are guarded about the things they love and try to use them as a way to set themselves apart. But Pieter is willing to share with anyone who honestly believes in all of this, the same way he does.

This is why, in collaboration with Joe Daniels of Angular Records, he recently released a compilation which has been getting a lot of press. The latest piece is this feature on The Quietus. It’s very in-depth and interesting to read and both the article and the compilation are great starting points for anyone interested in cold waves or minimal electronics. Pieter touches on a lot of the reasons why I love this music, though of course the true reason is much harder to put into words: suffice to say that it speaks to me. Some things just touch us deeply and there is no specific pin-point of the exact “why” . . . it just is.

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