I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Obligatory summer beach shots. I went to Cape Cod for a few days on my way back from New York. My family (extended and immediate) has been spending part of every summer there for my entire life. I spent just two days there — one out on the Bass River and one in Provincetown. I’m not much of a beach person so of course I already got a sunburn. I’ve got to rectify my paleness situation post-haste or I will be seriously suffering when I get to Italy in a few weeks. Anyway, P-Town was my favorite part of the Cape, as usual. I picked up a bunch of little things for my apartment and checked out the new Rogues Gallery store. Commercial Street is a fun little spot full of tourist traps, some great things, some cheesy things, way too much seafood (I’m vegetarian), more cafes than Newbury Street and — of course — a plethora of gay-friendly items. I’m hoping to get some friends together and spend a week in P-Town next summer. Whale watches, coffee, shopping and rainbow flags every day!

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There’s never enough time when I visit my friends . . . but still, there was no way I could miss Massimo’s birthday party — I don’t think I’ve missed a single one in the eight years we’ve been friends. Sometimes I can’t believe how young we were back then. I was looking at some old photos (will try to scan/upload later) and I was completely shocked at how seriously childish we look. We have such babyfaces . . . maybe it’s just an outward projection of my inner contemplation on our lost innocence or whatever, or maybe it’s just because so much has happened and our styles have changed so much in the almost-decade we’ve been friends . . . either way, it makes me feel old to remember being so young.

Sometimes I wonder if I knew I would leave New York before I even went there because of my obsession with Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion. I know I quote her all of the time, in my mind, on this blog, to my friends — but the essay “Goodbye To All That” has always resonated with me. I just never knew how shockingly similar my own story would seem next to it.

I would stay in New York, I told him, just six months, and I could see the Brooklyn Bridge from my window. As it turned out the bridge was the Triborough, and I stayed eight years.

In retrospect it seems to me that those days before I knew the names of all the bridges were happier than the ones that came later, but perhaps you will see that as we go along. Part of what I want to tell you is what it is like to be young in New York, how six months can become eight years with the deceptive ease of a film dissolve, for that is how those years appear to me now, in a long sequence of sentimental dissolves and old-fashioned trick shots—the Seagram Building fountains dissolve into snowflakes, I enter a revolving door at twenty and come out a good deal older, and on a different street. But most particularly I want to explain to you, and in the process perhaps to myself, why I no longer live in New York. It is often said that New York is a city for only the very rich and the very poor. It is less often said that New York is also, at least for those of us who came there from somewhere else, a city only for the very young.

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I made a new friend.

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I have been cursed with gigantic knuckles, like my mother and grandmother before me. My grandmother’s knuckles were so large in comparison to her skinny fingers that all of her rings had to be outfitted with a special clasp at the back, allowing them to fit over her knuckles and still be able to stay snug on her fingers. My problem is not as severe, but it’s still really rare for me to be able to find a ring unless I special order it. So, obviously, I was insanely psyched when Cara found this Vivienne Westwood armor ring which was too big for her. It’s actually a little too big for me too — leading me to believe it’s for a man (it was found at Beacon’s). It’s extremely heavy and obviously dangerous, but I love it. Worn today with a vintage ring from Ebay and Bittersweets Baby Vamp rings.