I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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I am back from Italy and life seems, quite literally, pale in comparison. All I want to do now is figure out a way to have enough time and money to spend all my summers traveling around such beautiful lands and swimming in such clear seas. Maybe someday . . .

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I peruse a lot of online shopping sites pretty regularly, but most of the time I don’t end up ordering anything. However, with fall quickly approaching (I hope!), I knew I needed to find some new jeans as I’ve pretty much destroyed everything I own — and ‘jeggings’ are okay, but they fall to pieces after a few wears in my experience. Anyway, Topshop is a favorite of mine for denim. The price is within my budget, the styles are usually awesome and though the quality varies, they usually last for a decent amount of time. Since I knew I was going to be ordering something, I figured I’d look around and see what else caught my eye. Glad I did because that’s how I found this amazing red top (which, unfortunately, already seems to be gone from their site). I have been searching for something red for a while but nothing fits right or is the right color or style. This thing is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it in Italy! (I am leaving in three days!) The color is called “red rose” . . . so maybe I was subconsciously influenced . . .

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When I was in LA in January, I picked up this one feather earring at Wasteland. It was pretty crazy — really long black and beige feathers that looked awesome as a complement to my asymmetrical hair. There was no tag so I never knew anything about it until a few months later when I saw a post on Kingdom of Style and realized that my special LA earring was probably made by Owlita. I spent months thinking about these earrings and contemplating whether or not I should buy a full pair. Eventually I caved and I am so glad I did. I got the red and black pair in the top left of the picture. They are insanely huge and crazy and awesome. Like little feathered animals resting on my neck and shoulders. I wore them all day and night yesterday and received nothing but compliments! Lucky for me, pretty much everything I own will go with this color combination. I want about five more pairs but I can’t afford them right now. Perhaps for my birthday in a few months . . .

Pictures from Owlita.com

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Part of the crew of visitors who came up from New York and visited New Hampshire with me. We had a brief vacation full of sleeping, drinking, swimming and way too much hilarious/stupid shit. Sara and I swam across the lake, which is something I had never done, despite growing up on it. I have a sunburn and sore arms, but it was worth it.

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I had really hoped to post this before Wednesday so any New York friends would be reminded to go, but an onslaught of visitors and partying left me without any free time. Anyway ChameleonsVox played in Boston on Tuesday night. While ChameleonsVox is not the original Chameleons, it is Mark Burgess with a backing band playing Chameleons songs. My friend Glenn (of Blacklist / Cult of Yotuh / Wierd) was playing drums and — obviously — I am a huge Chameleons fan, so even though the show was at some weird irish pub, I still had to go and I am so fucking glad I did. There was just something really special about hearing all of those songs I know so well and love so much and to see them in such an intimate setting with a backing band made up of fans — people who want to get that music out there again — instead of watching a bunch of old dudes in some huge venue where the magic would have been totally lost on anyone who had never seen the original band. It really was awesome. I heard that the two shows in New York were incredible as well and there are more dates on the east and west coast to follow. I would really urge anyone who has even a passing interest in this band to check it out as you will be completely blown away. One thing I always complain about is reunion shows and how they seem pointless because you are missing everything that made the original band/scene/etc interesting and exciting in the first place. This is the exact opposite of that. You get to feel it all. And it feels fucking good.