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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on September 30, 2010


I’ve been to San Francisco three times and I’ve never seen the Golden Gate Bridge nor had a warm/sunny day (besides my last day this time, when we were walking to the BART wthrough ridiculous heat with all our luggage). Even so, I like this city. It’s small, but interesting. And there is a great goth scene — something which has been there since well before my first visit five years ago. This time around I was only able to check out Shutter — but it was awesome. Nako and Justin are the DJs of my dreams.


Both Nako and Justin (and their cohort Omar, who was out of town when I visited) throw a bunch of parties and nights, including Nachtmusik and Artificial — both of which I hope to check out someday.

Obviously, my favorite thing to do, besides partying, is shop! We checked out all the SF staples (Amoeba, Wasteland, Held Over) but my favorite shop, by far, was Paxton Gate.

Paxton Gate

I ended up there because I was explaining to our hostess Mickey that I have decorated both my kitchen/living room in a “world traveler/explorer/jungle” motif (it’s true, someday I should post pictures here). Paxton Gate describes itself as “treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and the natural sciences.” This is exactly the type of place I need to supplement the decor I already have! If I lived in San Francisco, or if I hadn’t already had a suitcase full of stuff that needed to be lugged home, I would’ve gone a bit more wild in here. As it is, I bought a raccoon skull (pictured previously), a candle holder made of reclaimed pine, a small plant holder made out vintage glass, and a few knick knacks. I will definitely be using their online catalog to add to my home as I see fit and I really wish I had been able to pick up some of their interesting/exotic plants! My home is filled with plants — they are, to me, one of the greatest decorations a person can have. They add color, life, oxygen, vibrancy and ambiance to any room. I really can’t express how much I loved this store, every shelf held a new treasure, every cabinet was full of skulls and bones, there was taxidermy on every wall, cute cards and gifts and plants everywhere! As much as I love shopping for clothes/accessories, I am at the age where creating an interesting and personal living space is incredibly important to me and I am always hunting down the perfect thing for my apartment. As I said, this store will now be a shopping staple (thank god for online retail).

Another place always worth checking out in San Francisco is Painted Bird. This store was started by former Beacon’s employees but they’re from before my time. The store is full of some serious treasure, though it’s a little bit more on the vintage-side than Beacon’s. I’m not usually too into vintage — it really depends on the style. I was able to find some good scores here though — a pair of 80s motorcycle-stiletto boots and a giant black wicker hat that’s very Lydia Deetz.

Painted Bird

Even though I only mentioned them in passing, I did manage to walk away with something from Amoeba (Italian new wave compilation), Wasteland (Pleasure Principle top and a few items from Evil Twin found in their new section) and Held Over (“80s Euro Tube Mini Skirt”).


And, finally, whenever I go to San Francisco and take BART, I always think of this song by Screeching Weasel. A friend put it on a mixtape for me circa 1997 . . .



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All photos from the websites of the places mentioned.

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