I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black

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Posted in / / / by Jeralyn on October 13, 2010


I have no real excuse for my on and off internet absence lately. The main thing is that I spend almost every day at the store dealing with people, music, fluorescent lights and the computer. When I get home, I prefer to stay away from all that (well — except music, of course — though I listen to different music at home) and instead spend my time cooking dinner, taking care of my plants and reading. It already feels like ages since I got back from Los Angeles and there seems no point in mentioning anything that went on there, though there are really only two places that I still can’t get over. First, the Wasteland on Melrose, the best location I have been to. The amount of designer stuff in there is completely insane and I went a little nuts. One item I picked up was a wool April 77 blazer that I have been wearing almost every day. At first I thought I wouldn’t like that it’s unlined, but itactually keeps me warmer!

The second place that I fell in love with was Secret Headquarters. It’s right next to Vacation’s new location and I think they are owned by the same people/person. Either way, it was pretty amazing. I used to be really into comics when I was younger, but stopped collecting them when I got into music (couldn’t afford to buy both on my meager babysitting salary). However, over the years, I have dabbled in various graphic novels — most notably with the works of Alan Moore. Anyway, I can’t really express exactly how fucking cool I found this place to be. A comic book store that was completely beautiful inside and set up like an amazing little library — old wood, leather chairs, awesome displays. I suppose the men working behind the counter had a lot to do with the vibe too — these weren’t some run-of-the mill comic nerds. They were handsome, dapper gentlemen — the kind you would want to be friends with, or ask about art or music, not make fun of for reading comics. I know that comics come with a semi-deserved stigma, but they are something I have always enjoyed as a valid, interesting and, at times, truly amazing form of creative expression. Being in the store excited me so much, I just grabbed a bunch of things because I couldn’t leave without showing my appreciation for their effort. Plus, being a small business owner, I know how annoying it is when people walk in and look around forever without purchasing anything. If you are in LA, go to this store. There are little zines, artsy books, comics and graphic novels spanning nearly every genre.

I miss LA. I knew I liked it when I visited in January, despite the rain. But this time was just so . . . nice. The sun, the people, the landscape, I’m not sure if I can really explain it — maybe it’s just that California magic. I’m so happy I got to go back, even if it only felt like it was for a second. Just to see the people and the places I never get to see, even just for a moment — it is always worth it.

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